Calculate motor torque requide to drive a cart

Feb 2017
Hello, I'm in a design project of a cart. i want to decide a geared motor power and RPM. but I'm in a trouble with this because I'm unable to calculate the motor with radial friction.the cart is with steel wheel and drive on steel rails. place help. Total weight cart+carrying material - 4.5 Ton Radius of wheel - 80mm Required speed of cart -0.8m/s Thank you.


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Jun 2010
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There are number of factors besides weight and top speed that are important in determining the required torque. First, what is the value of acceleration for the cart that you want to achieve? Will the cart need to operate on inclines, or only on a horizontal track? If so, what is the value of the slope of the track? Finally, what is the gear ratio in the transmission between the motor drive shaft and the drive axle?
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