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Dec 2014
Hi everyone,
Basically I'm studying high school physics and I need some advice on which books to purchase, ideally I would prefer to know which books are good to learn the theory and which are good to practice plenty of quite complicated exercises. The syllabus covers Vectors and scalars, moments, kinematics, newton's laws of motion, energy and power, everything in 2D and there is barely any vector calculations (apart from calculating a resultant vector). Obviosuly if you know any really good books for each of the different topics I would be very interested aswell. Here is the syllabus in a bit more detail:

Scalars and vectors
- Applying the principle of moments to different problems
- Couples
- Stable and unstable equilibrium
- Tilting and topling
- Interpreting Displacement-time and velocity-time graphs.
- Motion along a straight line at constant acceleration.
- Acceleration due to gravity.
- Projectile motion.
Newton's laws of motion
- Applying Newton's 3 laws of motion to pulley problems, strings under tension and objects sliding down a slope.
Energy and Power.
- Kinetic and potential energy, power and measuring efficiency

Many thanks!!
Jun 2010
Hello elfab90

Hi, I put considerable time into formulating, organizing and posting
a range of solved problems at my site. They span physics, f = mA, statics,
hydrostatics... to thermo. Take a look!

Example 1) Here's one about vectors and trig.

Example 2) 2-dimensional motion.

Example 3) Famous statics problem.

List of Excerpts - all 240 examples.

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