Career Guidance Astronomy faculty?

Aug 2011
Hi, im new here and i shot question right away :)

Well i want to know what kind of possibilities i have if i want to start to study at some astronomy faculty.I know mainly the physics faculties have astronomy department but i don't know what faculties are there and which of them offer astronomy department.At the moment i study as Programmer engineer but i found out not long ago that astronomy is another thing i like to study, so i plan after finishing this faculty to start some astronomy faculty (i might work 1-2 years and grasp some basic physics along the way that i have forgotten from high-school so i can start there with some confidence), im not well guided into all the specific sections of astronomy, i know i like cosmology a lot and i dont know what else there is to be studied except cosmology, so i like to ask for help from you guys to explain me what can be studied at these faculties and tell me some some good faculties and where should i look when searching for the faculty where i want to study astronomy, im from Macedonia and here is one astronomy department at the maths faculty but it's not that good as i heard from colleges and there is really small group of people that study there as i heard about 4-5 students..

Might sound weird but it's never late to study, life's all about study and experience! =)

Thanks again!!