Are these capacitors in series or parallel?

Dec 2015
I need to find the voltage across the 2uF capacitor and I'm confused as to what they are ordered in. I'm also looking at the voltage after the loose lead is connected to the 2uF, so the second diagram.
Feb 2017
The charge distribution will last as long as

Voltage at 10^-5 F = Voltage at 2x10^-6 F.

(Q-q) / (10^-5) = q / (2x10^-6)
Find q.

1. Q is the Charge on 10 microfarad capacitor after charging.

Q = (10^-5) x V

2. q is the Charge displaced from 10 microfarad to 2 microfarad capacitor.

Then the voltage across 2nd capacitor will be just equal to
q / (2x10^-6)

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