3d tripod

Jun 2019
tripod with legs "cd", "ad", "bd"
reactions from the "x", "y", "z" direction are "cx", "cy", "cz", "ax", "ay", "az", "bx", "by" and "bz". Please refer to attached pictures.

If unit load (F=1) applied on the "y" direction to the top of the tripod ("d"), what are the reactions? ("ax", "ay", "az", "bx", "by", "bz", "cx", "cy" and "cz")


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Jun 2010
Tripod Method...


Answers of such problems are of little value, if any. The purpose of
text solutions is to learn solution methods. Keep in mind the best
solution method is adequately "generic", as to permit being written
in general and in code for computer solution.

You use a scalar approach via three 1-D-projections. Since the
Tripod is 3-D, why not use a 3-D vector approach. The 3-D
approach will require you learn to write 3-D vectors (easy as pie).
Try 3-D vectors; you'll like them!

Here is one example.
Dog and Pony Show | THERMO Spoken Here!

Good Luck with your studies. TSH
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