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    Young's Modulus: 'how much force can you apply before it breaks' help?

    The question is: "A rope has tensile Young's modulus of 0.64 GPa and a breaking strain of 0.021. The rope is 50m long and has a diameter of 0.015m. What is the maximum tensile force that can be applied to the rope before it breaks in N?" My answer was wrong, and I don't know where to go...
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    why young couldnt observe diffraction while doing double slit experiment.

    After going through diffraction and interference pattern(theoretical) due to a double slit I am wondering although the set up is same why are the patterns it because for diffraction to take place the slit width needs to be comparable with the wavelength of light?? What do you think...
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    Young's Equation, Surface Wetting, and the Capillary Effect

    Hello teacher whom this may concern, BACKGROUND I have been studying Young's Equation and its application in deriving the height of capillary rise in a tube. Young's EQ states that: Young's equation is actually a rearrangement and simplification of a force balance in the direction...
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    Young's Modulus

    Having issues with the following problem: A metal rod that is 4.00 long and 0.500 in cross-sectional area is found to stretch 0.200 under a tension of 5000 . What is Young's modulus for this metal? Y = Pa? I know that Young's modulus is equal to stress / strain for stress: I...
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    Young's Modulus question?

    If a metal wire has its length doubled and its diameter tripled, by what factor does its Young ‘modulus change?
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    A Young's double slit problem

    In a Young's double slit experiment, the distance between the slits and the screen is 1.60m and using light of wavelength 5.89x10^-7m the distance between the centre of the interference pattern and the fourth bright fringe on either side is 16.0mm. What is the slit separation? I know about the...
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    Young modulus

    A mass of 2.0 kg is attached to one end of a steel wire of original length 1.0 m and the other end of it is fixed at point O . THe system is then rotated vertically about O with constant angular velocity 4 pi rad / s . Assuming that the cross sectional area of wire is 1.0 mm square and always...
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    Gamma rays used in Young double slit experiment

    Could someone please help me out with this question. I tried searching it online but I could not come up with any explanation. Question: Could the Young two-slit experiment be performed with gamma rays? If not, why not? If so, discuss differences in the experimental design compared to the...
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    Young's Modulus and grey PVC piping - question

    Hey guys. This is my first time posting here so go easy! My group at uni has just been given an assignment to determine Young's Modulus and the Yield Stress of grey PVC, we have to make our own testing machine and record the results with a 95% or greater statistical confidence. Just curious has...
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    force constant and young's modulus

    For a uniform wire of force constanat k and Young modulus E is cut into two equal halves. If they are arranged side by side and are stretched together at the same time, what re the new force constant and the new Young modulus. The answer is that Force constant becomes 4k and Young modulus...