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    These new scientific discoveries will affect the world dramatically.

    The point in short Recently I have made big scientific discoveries. These new discoveries completely change our understanding of the universe and give us access to new clean inexhaustible Energy that in turn will cardinally accelerate the advent of sustainable Energy on the planet. Also, I...
  2. H

    Questions on confusing lever mechanics in the real world (not mathematical)

    This is based on a confusing question my brother asked out of curiosity. I know how levers work, i.e., I know they trade distance for power and vice versa. What we want to know is why that actually works in the real world, because thinking about it, it doesn't seem to click. My brother has a...
  3. P

    Real World Free-Fall Simulator Help Please

    Here’s the scenario: I have a 1.2kg dart that is dropped from a height of 50m and penetrates into the ground to a depth of 0.09m. I can calculate (with wind resistance), the velocity, the kinetic energy at impact, the momentum at impact. Using the 0.09m penetration depth, I can also...
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    Real World airflow problem: countering inflow of cigarette smoke

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen! Lead-In: I would like to ask about my real world problem. I live in an apartment house, first floor. My neighbor has his west side balcony 1.5 meters from mine. The balcony is cca 3 meters wide and 1.4 meters deep. My door is on the right part of the longer side...
  5. A

    Revolutionary Physics experiments that changed the world

    I am student of bsc.(hons.)physics..i need to discuss any of the experiment that changed the world..i have tried but i need some more suggestions..some of the experiments i found revolutionary are listed below.. 1. henery cavendish weighing the earth 2. young's double slit experiment...
  6. B

    İmaginary solid world

    Anton Wilson said 'millions of particles make up this 3d solid world which does not exist according to QM'. Is this claim true?
  7. K

    Real World Thermodynamics Question

    So forgive me if this isn't the typical question fielded here, but I have a practical application question concerning thermodynamics. Say you have 9 electronic devices that have a maximum, constant heat output of 110°F in an enclosed space that's roughly 11'x4' canister with no airflow. Each...
  8. sentally

    Solution for World Energy Crises

    Gravity – Energy of the Future The concept of this invention is employment of a downwards moving object to produce electricity. There is nothing new in this idea, and as everyone before me, I encountered the same problem: lifting the object takes far more energy. To resolve the problem, I...
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    World without satanism: photon, electron , neutron , proton

    Hi Guys . See my knockout results. "World without satanism: photon, electron , neutron , proton" . second version Figures you can see in my site Photon is an electromagnetic wave, it is twisted into a ring at any oblique collision with material ( Figure 1). If...
  10. K

    Why the world is in 3 D

    Actually the universe isn't in just 3D you know. This is how it works. You are a 3 Dimensional Experience Existing in a Infinate Dimensional Universe. Here it is, now people with thought understand this explination of why we only see in 3D...Your consious mind is a construct of 3...
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    Highest and lowest resistance materials in the world???

    hi all, Does anyone know what are the highest and lowest resistance materials in this world>? Tq.(Nod)
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    Real World Physics Question

    Hi. I hope this is the proper forum for a non-student. I am trying to figure something out from work. You have a pickup truck with the tailgate down. No one knows the maximum amount of weight that the tailgate can hold. Someone says to get a single large piece of plywood, such as 4' X 8'...