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    word processor

    Can anybody introduce to me a word processor to write surveys on physics and maths?
  2. P

    Time by word

    Every word is logic as it is connected, but we(human being) take the words by our free will of God(It means philosophy that is history predicted.) and it can be connected by the word, God.(My English is sometime short as it is already done by other professional language but the different...
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    Should the word "relative" be used when discussing kinetic energy of Systems?

    If you placed a jar of ideal gas that is well insulated, in a car and had a temperature transmitter monitoring the gas temperature in the jar and then drove the car around - would there be a change in temperature- afterall the average kinetic energy of the molecules has increased? - however the...
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    Light word question!

    If a blue and red sweater are under a blue light what color will the sweaters appear?
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    Word Problem set up

    Hello, having a hard time setting up this problem. The pressure and temp of 6 kg of an ideal gas are each doubled when undergoing an unspecified non flow process. If the molecular weight of the gas is 34 and its k value is 1.3, question 1 the change of entropy for this process in kJ/K...
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    Tempature word problem

    Hi, I have 2 questions, that I can't solve. 1- if Fahrenheit is twice of Celsius, determine both temps? 2- A F and C thermometer are used to measure the temp of a fluid. If the F reading is 1.5 times the C reading, what are both readings? I am having trouble doing the equations on this...
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    Help with some Basic Word problems Ch 2 book Physics

    First off I would like to say hi to everyone! I am taking Engineering Physics and right now I down right suck at it and simple things seem to confuse me. Its been 13 years since any math class which the last one was Calculus I. So as you can see I am pretty rusty and trying to teach myself...
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    I need help finding the common charge in this word problem.

    im gonna just copy the problem right out of my book. Inez is putting up decorations for her sister's birthday. she ties three light silk ribbons together to the top of a gateway and hangs a rubber balloon from each ribbon. To include the effects of the gravitational and buoyant forces on it...
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    Vector Word Problem

    I am having trouble with a mastering physics problem. I am told A spelunker is surveying a cave. She follows a passage 130m straight west, then 290m in a direction 45east of south, and then 280m at 30 east of north. After a fourth unmeasured displacement, she finds herself back where she...
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    word problem - velocity, acceleration, time

    two cars are traveling along a straight road, one behind the other. the first is traveling at a constant velocity of 12 m/s. the second, approaching from the rear, is traveling at 25 m/s. when the second car is 200m behind the first, the driver applies the brakes, producing a constant...