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    Torque on a wire

    A wire is formed into a circle having a diameter of 10.0 cm and placed in a uniform magnetic field of 3.00 mT. The wire carries a current of 5.00 A. Find (a) the maximum torque on the wire (b) the range of potential energies of the wire field system for different orientations of the circle. For...
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    How does a connecting wire prevent static charges from accumulating?

    The scenario is this: An oil tanker is refuelling an aircraft through a pipe. I understand that friction between the fuel and pipe will lead to electron transfer, hence charge accumulation in both the pipe and the fuel. So we should "get rid" of the charge on both pipe and fuel, right? How do...
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    the effect of change in area of a wire loop...?

    A circular loop in the plane of the paper lies in a .75 T magnetic field pointing into the paper. If the loops diameter changes from 20.0 cm to 6.0 cm in .50 s, (a) what is the direction of the induced current? (b) what is the magnitude of the average induced emf? (c) if the coil resistence is...
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    Magnetic field of an infinite wire

    Where did you get the factor of R that occurs with the factor \frac {I \mu0}{4 \pi} ? I don't think the R should be there.
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    Potential of an infinite wire

    Hey guys. So, I've got this question and what I tried to do. I found the electric field of the wire using Gauss law but then I got stuck. I don't think I understood the problem correctly. Any idea about what should I do guys? Thanks.
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    Steel wire

    A uniform vertical steel wire is stretched by hanging a weight from its lower end. Which of the following would put a greater strain on the wire?(The Young modulus of steel is greater than that of brass.) (1) Using a steel wire of greater unstretched length. (2) Using a steel wire of greater...