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    Start-up Load on Winch

    Guys, I do not know where I'm going wrong. My final project (undergrad thesis) involves modeling the pulling force of a winch. As the problem involves a rope under tension and a block being pulled on a surface (friction considered), I can model the problem as a damped spring mass system...
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    Winch pull force - Double Catenary Problem

    Guys, I have a question and maybe you can help me. I will describe the scenario: A winch should pull out the electrical cable configured as shown in the figure 1. In this configuration, two catenaries are present. I would know how to solve the problem if there was only one catenary. However...
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    exercise about an epicyclic train (winch)

    Hello my problem is on this web page(at math Helpforum exactly): need help with kinematics:epicyclic train (winch) - Math Help Forum Thank you for your help.