1. X

    Diffraction grating vs double-slit experiment to calculate light's wavelength?

    Usually, a grating is used over the double-slit experiment because the fringes are narrower so measurements are more precise. However, for a classroom experiment, because less fringes fit onto a piece of paper as the screen with the diffraction grating experiment than the double-slit...
  2. D

    Waves && Optics

    Two waves are linearly polarized. The electric field of one wave is aligned with the x-axis and the other is aligned with the y-axis. In the absence of matter that might change the polarization, can these waves interfere with each other?
  3. S

    Unobserved(stateless/unphysical) Quantum Waves + State (physicality) = Spacetime (GR)

    Unobserved waves are unphysical, but ones with state change experience duality and get spacetime involved. Observation doesn't always mean Quantum Observation. What matters is if a state change happens. State is a binary physicality variable. I'm now questioning if it's even necessary to declare...
  4. G

    Why does resonant frequency become lower as water is added to a bottle?

    Hello! I am an IB student currently working on my Internal Assessment, which is an investigation on the relationship between the volume of water in a glass bottle and the frequency of the sound made when the bottle is hit with a metal knife. I have collected my data, and found that the...
  5. R

    Waves in Solid and Fluids

    Greetings to all , please i have this question : A solid can transport both longitudinal waves and transverse waves, but a fluid can transport only longitudinal waves. Why? I think because in fluids we can not construct a mass per unit length , but i am not sure about this answer , any...
  6. M


    What presents each type of the following waves?: Magnetohydrodynamic waves ; Collisionless plasma hydromagnetic waves ;
  7. O

    Density waves in gravitational interacting particles

    My question is about system of infinite number of point like particles with gravitation interaction (classic newtonian interactions). I am interested in propagation of density waves in infinite system which can be considered to be in equilibrium, uniform density, 3D, with emphasis on much larger...
  8. B


    Home work question If you wave a rope hanging from a long vertical distance with a constant frequency, what will happen to the frequency and wave length farter up the rope. I think the velocity of the wave will decrease due to gravity so the frequency and wavelength would also decrease...
  9. avito009

    Sound Waves and String Theory.

    Is the basic idea of string theory that all particles are tiny vibrating strings inspired from sonic boom? A sonic boom is the sound associated with the shock waves created whenever an object traveling through the air travels faster than the speed of sound. Sonic booms generate significant...
  10. J

    The adding of 3 waves.

    I have been stuck on this problem for hours and i cant seem to find any information or anything online that makes since to me. There are 3 waves traveling in the +x direction, what is the amplitude, phase and speed of the resulting wave? y=3cos(14x-2600t) y=4cos(14x-2600t+1)...
  11. A

    harmonic motion

    hello, I have some problem with this exercise. can someone help me and illustrate the solution ? thanks the cone of a loudspeaker vibrates in SHM at frequecy of 262Hz. the amplitude at the center of the cone is A=1.5X10^-4m and t=0 and x=A (amplitude). 1) what equation describes the...
  12. P

    The speed of gravitational waves

    https://physics.aps.org/articles/v10/134 Gravity waves and light move at the same rate, experiment now shows
  13. D

    Extraction of sinusoidal waves based on beating pattern

    I would like to ask if someone might have a tip how to approach a problem of sinusoidal signal separation in a musical recording sample. There is a recording at 44100Hz of 1,3sec (56855 samples) length and we have the knowledge that up to approx. smp 17100 there is just one sinusoid (1-st piano...
  14. avito009

    Radio waves are nothing but light

    Is radio wave invisible light? I read that a radio wave is an electromagnetic wave like light. So what is the difference between radio wave and visible light? I also read that radiowaves travel at the speed of light.
  15. X

    Time delay of EM waves in a rotational frame

    Hello, I have a question (two very similar questions) about the time and phase delay between rotating objects. I want to describe two extreme cases here. The figures cited can be found in the attachments. I would appreciate any helps. Case1 Imagine two observers (people with telescopes...
  16. A

    Particle accleration under gravity waves?

    I have been through following papers for research: 1)http://cdsads.u-strasbg.fr/cgi-bin/nph-iarticle_query?1990ApJ...362..584M&data_type=PDF_HIGH&whole_paper=YES&type=PRINTER&filetype=.pdf 2)https://arxiv.org/pdf/gr-qc/9905054.pdf Conclusion of the second paper given above...
  17. pittsburghjoe

    Ghost Dimension (Energy, Waves, Superposition, Hidden Variables)

    The dimension of supernatural. (I am not crazy, let me explain.) It's the side QM refuses to talk about. They believe in wave-particle duality, but refuse to accept that the physical particle is only a hidden variable when in wave form. Even when confronted with quantum tunneling that...
  18. F

    Intensity of a wave in electromagnetism compared to quantum mechanical waves

    Hi, why is it that in electromagnetism we can compute the intensity of a wave by taking the square of the amplitude but we cant do the same for quantum mechanical waves? My best guess was that its because of the complex numbers in quantum but I'm really unsure. Any help?? Thanks
  19. Instantonly


    All is round and round is all In this we trust our foot to fall For dawn to mark the heavens call Our waking hours made collectable To count the cost of regret foiled As the light of one is lost in all In truth we rest as only silence falls
  20. C

    Waves and wave combination

    I am finding wave equation questions quite difficult and was hoping for some help with these particular questions. Q1: The figure on the left below shows the displacements of the particles in a string as a function of the position x along the string at t = 0. The figure on the right shows...