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    Please help solve

    Hi all, I don't understand physics but I need a bit of help solving these equation. I'm sure it's a piece of cake to those who understand :) Thank you! 1. A penguin starting from rest slides down a hill with uniform acceleration. It travels 10m in first 5s. When will the penguin have the...
  2. L

    Power required to accelerate

    A body of mass m moves up a plane inclined at an angle "theta" to the horizontal. What is the power required by the body for it to have an acceleration "a" when its instantaneous velocity is v? My idea is that the power required = power to overcome the body's weight + power to accelerate...
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    Expression of power

    Power is defined by P=W/t where W is work done and t is the time. If force F is constant, then power can also be P=Fv where v is the velocity, which sort of can be derived from P=W/t=Fs/t=Fv. Since F=ma, also P=mav..........(1) However, if work done is turned into kinetic energy, E=(1/2)mv^2...
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    Acceleration and Velocity

    i need help i dont understand this at all!!!
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    Projectile Motion Problem with no Velocity given

    Problem is Linked with a graphic I drew. Thanks!
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    Hi :) new here, to ask an angular velocity question

    Well, hello everyone. I will be honest. I basically registered here, to get a question answered which is bothering me a lot lately. Would be really nice if someone could help me a little. So lets cut right to the case :) Assuming you have an aircraft with a propellor on each wing. And...
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    Relative velocity and accel. question? Can't figure out what velocity The question in question is number 2. The velocity must be 2, right? How would I go about getting a different number? The time for the phone to get to the edge is 10 seconds, so that means they have to get there in 10 seconds, too. If they were to start...
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    (Photoelectric effect) Finding velocity of ejected electron given wavelengths

    Hey, I'm in my senior year of highschool and I'm stuck on this problem that deals with things I haven't even learned (Canadian education system for ya). It has to do with the photoelectric effect. Given the wavelengths of an X-ray before and after it strikes an unknown metal...
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    Rotational Power = torque (τ)*(ω) angular velocity? - Problem with units

    I set up an experiment with a pendulum (uniform beam) swinging on a hinge and the hinge attached to a small PMDC generator. The generator had no load attached and its output voltage is proportional to its speed of rotation. I swung the pendulum from 90 degrees and using a data logger I...
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    Relationship Between Velocity and Height of Water

    Help! Relationship Between Velocity and Height of Water Hello, I have been given a lab paper to do on the relationship between the velocity of water leaking from a hole in a bottle and the height of water above the hole. We are supposed to focus on analyzing and finding the relationship between...
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    Find the velocity of the rain drops with respect to the man?

    Q. A man is walking on a level road at a speed of 3.0 km/h. Raindrops fall vertically at a speed of 4.0 km/h. Find the velocity of the raindrops with respect to the man, A. The explanation is below: Here I don't understand the diagram. Why the resultant vector left downward is between -v...
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    velocity is zero if displacement is zero

    Is it correct to that velocity is zero if displacement is zero? So, does travelling in a circle and beginning and ending at the same point, mean there was a velocity of zero?
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    An atom moves in a region where potential energy varies: calculating the new velocity

    Alright guys, I'm new here and to physics. I'm self-teaching physical chemistry and am starting with basic physics so I'm stuck on this: Consider an atom of mass m moving along the x direction with an initial position x1 and initial speed v1. If the atom moves for a time interval Δt in a...
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    Roemer's measurement of the velocity of light

    Roemer's calculation of the velocity of light is based on an observer on the surface of the earth propagating from L to K on the left side of figure 2 and an observed, on the surface of the earth, that propagates from F to G on the right side of figure 2 where Io forms eclipses at positions L...
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    Find initial velocity of projectile

    ballistic pendulum initially at rest. projectile with mass m=10g hits object M=2kg and remains stuck and it goes up to height h=20cm. no air friction. im foreign and i tried to translate it i hope it s clear, i'm in ninth grade and i guess i didnt really understand the theory. i tried to solve...
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    How to find terminal velocity

    DISCLAIMER: I am new to this forum so I am not entirely sure of how to layout and where to post, my post. I am trying to get some physics in a program I am working on, and I want to know how to find the terminal velocity of a perfect sphere in air on Earth. The ball, perfect sphere, has a...
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    Homework regarding relation between friction and velocity/acceleration. Just need my

    Hi there. Our teacher gave us a table related to friction and velocity/acceleration. It basically gives a single scenario, and we're required to figure out which force is stronger (pulling force vs. friction) and which direction the object will go (left, right, up the slope, down the slope)...
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    Velocity time graph

    Really stuck on this... The velocity time graph of a diver who springs off of a board, up to a max height, and then down where he enters the pool and then swims through the water until he pushes off the floor of the swimming pool and then reaches the surface. The bit where he springs off...
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    Vertical displacement

    Hi, Currently working on a problem and I'm very lost, no detail in the lesson text on how to do it. Any help is appreciated. A spring is launched at 2.3m/s at an angle of 78 degrees to the ground. What is the maximum height reached by the spring? First I find the vertical velocity...
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    Object thrown off a balcony

    Hi, I've been here a lot lately, and I appreciate everybody's help. My lesson text has various errors in this lesson, and a lot of it is very unclear. It is really affecting how well I am learning the material, and it's hard to tell when I am correct or incorrect. Anyways, I'll stop...