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    Types of lens flare - light and optical depth?

    I'm trying to understand what's going on with lens flare in different kinds of lenses. There's a lot of lens flare out there creating weird and wonderful artifacts in people's pictures. Without understanding the kind of lens flare going on in a very flat lens (e.g. smartphone) or a long lens...
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    By mixing 3 types of invisible electromagnetic waves, as they pass through a solid ob

    -ject, could the waves raise the electron to a shell level that is the same as glass, so that light cannot be absorbed, to make the object translucent, or transparent. Is it possible for any invisible EM waves, like radio waves, ultraviolet soft, or hard X- Rays, or gamma rays, to be combined...
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    types of welding processes in cswip 3.1 solved papers and past books

    cswip 3.1 past solved papers a) Oxy-acetylene welding b) Shield metal arc welding c) Submerged arc welding d) Gas tungsten arc welding e) Gas metal arc welding f) Electro slag welding g) Plasma arc welding h) Electron beam welding
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    Question on wave types and a question on fudemetal frequency.

    1. Explain the terms, antiphase, phase difference, superposition, path difference, coherent sources, monochromatic. 2. Calculate the fundamental frequency of a 1 .2m long organ pipe with (i) one open end, and (ii) both ends open. c= 3x1 08 ms speed of sound in air = 330 ms For...
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    Types of motion

    I need exact classification of motion(or hierarchy) so that numerical problem can esily be solved. such as Linear motion. It can further be classified into uniform and non uniform,non uniform can further be classified as motion with constant acceleration or with non uniform acceleration. Or some...
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    Help with magnetism- hall probes- difference between 3 types

    Given 3 uncalibrated hall probes A, B, C, a solenoid of a known number of turns and length. I have to discover which of 3 probes is a metal, a p-type semiconductor, and an n-type semiconductor.Other apparatus in a school lab may be used.....how do i go about doing this?....??.....confused and...