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    Problem with turbulent (?) flow prediction

    Hi!! I'm a student of pharmaceutical sciences which means that my physics knowledge isnt that great ahah, if I say a big mistake in the following text, a thousand "sorrys" ahah: So, I am now writing my master thesis and currently I am finishing writing a part where fluid mechanics are...
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    Natural convection: turbulent or laminar?

    Hello everyone, I am modelling an inclined rectangular cavity and got confused with Grashof and Rayleigh number. I've reviewed many research papers - some researchers use Rayleigh, some Grashof number to determine the type of flow. This is probably very simple but I can't find where my...
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    Turbulent flow in duct calculations

    Dear All, I am new to this forum, so hello and thanks in advance for any advice I will get now and in the future. Regarding this post, I am trying to figure out the flow rate for water moving between two vertical glass parallel panels, 3 m long 2 m high, forming essentially a narrow duct of 3...
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    velocity profile at turbulent region

    why the velocity profile is slowly changing at turbulent region although the eddy motion occur more 'likely' at turbulent region and the eddy diffusivities is high?
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    turbulent velocity profile

    I cant understand that the( in the second picture) logarithmatic law velocity profile is quite accurate for y larger than 30 , but neither velocity profile is accurate in the buffer layer ,, 5 <y<30 . Can someone help to explain it ? How do the author know that it's not accurate for 5 <y<30 ...
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    turbulent flow

    what is the meaning of the circled time average there? does it mean ( (ms^-1)(ms^-1) ) / s ?
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    Reynolds number equation/Laminar & Turbulent Flow

    This problem I'm trying to solve says: A model of a river boat is to be tested at 1:13.5 scale. The boat is designed to travel at 8 mph in fresh water at 10 degrees C. Estimate the distance from the bow where transition occurs. Where should transition be stimulated on the model towboat? The...