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    Determining length of a tube with applied pressure

    Hi folks, I have a question. Imagine i'm blowing air through a duct that is capped in one side. The tube is made of plastic and has a 14mm external radius and an internal readius of 10mm. If I apply a constant pressure of 16 bar, and it takes 30 seconds for the air to come out on the...
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    Diameter of an open tube!! Affects??

    Hi guys! I am new to this forum! I am a sound artist living in Miami, currently studying resonance in open tubes. I am wondering, how does the diameter of an open tube affect the resonance of a standing wave in the tube? Thank you!! Any help is appreciated!
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    Determine the density of oil and water using a u tube

    Hi, I have a question within physics practical, so I hope your help for solve this priblem. When I do this practical my text books says we should add high density liquid first and then lower density liquid. Also when we messure the heights of the liquids (due to pressure) if I want to...
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    Dimensions of vacuum tube

    Hello For the purpose of the experiment, I wonder what thickness should the glass(?) have to withstand? I thought over a diameter of 30cm and a length of 1-1,5m and from what material should such a pipe be made. I would like to get a high vacuum (about 0,2-2Pa)
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    Film condensation heat transfer coefficient on helical tube

    Hi guys, I am working on my final year project and struggling to calculate the film condensation heat transfer coefficient on the my condenser. All I could find was the heat transfer coefficient on both vertical and horizontal plates and tubes. I can't seem to find h for helical tube that is...
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    Force on tube

    I have an L-joint between two pipes. I've been asked to evaluate the force the fluid flowin in it exerts on inner wall of the joint. (I have the complete velocity field, the pressure field, and whatever I can evaluate using CFD) I don't really know where to start from. As there is a flowing...
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    Water Flow Through 1/2 Cu Tube

    Hello. I am an electronics manufacturer with a problem outside my expertise. I realize this may be simplistic in how I am posing but was just hoping someone could help me. I want to get a general sense on expect water flow through a 1/2 copper tube. I have 60 feet of level 1/2 copper tube...
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    Water Flow Rate Through 1/2 Cu Tube

    Hello. I wanted to get a general sense on expect water flow through a 1/2 copper tube. I have 60 feet of level 1/2 copper tube. I want to get 8 gpm flow out at 80psi pressure in. I understand that there are other variables that may affect flow. However, can someone give me a sense of what...
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    effect of changing target metal to heavier metal in X-ray tube

    when target metal is changed to heavier metal in X-ray tube, the min wavelength will not change. but the wavelength of the characteristics line will become smaller. my textbook gives me the above statement explaining much. can someone please explain it? thanks !
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    Energy required to transport fluid through tube

    We have a tube (rigid or compliant) filled with a fluid (Newtonian or non-Newtonian). We apply a pressure drop and mobilize the fluid. What is the amount of energy required to transport a certain amount of fluid. I am looking for a general answer which takes into account both the type of fluid...
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    Standing Waves in a Resonance Tube

    When an air column of fixed length 307mm is used, resonance is found to occur only at frequencies of 282 Hz, 845HZ and 1392Hz, in the frequency range of zero to 1500Hz. Use this information to caluclate an average value for the velocity of sound in this air column
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    Resonance Tube

    Question: In a resonance tube, the first vibrating length is 0.6m. The second resonating length is 0.62m. Find the inner diameter of the tube. Options: a) 6.66cm b) 4.67cm c) 3.33cm d) 2.33cm Attempt: I tried finding out the end correction to find the diameter (e=0.3d, right?), but...
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    A question related with Cathod-ray tube

    I got this conceptual question. I'm still feel kind of stuck in btw of something, but I don't know what it is. Suppose I have a cathode-ray tube (shown in the pic): , with Vz (I replace the 2 with z for typing purpose) be the accelerating...
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    Finding V for a tube

    Calculate the electric potential (V) for a long, thin tube with uniform surface charge density (σ). The tube has a radius of R and a length of L. Find the electric potential (V) along the tube axis for points outside the tube. I need help getting started with this problem. Thank you.
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    [SOLVED] velocity of light in tube of water

    a tube of water is travelling at c/2 relative to lab frame when a beam of light travelling in the same direction as the tube enters it. what is the speed of light in water relative to the lab frame?(refractive index of water=4/3) well, i just came across this in physics today. wont it be c...
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    flow rate thru a small tube

    can anyone refer me to a chart that shows the flow rate of a 3/8 id tube vs pressure for a typical 30 wt motor oil ? i am trying to determine or calculate the gals per minute that a .375 tube of minimal length will flow at 60 psi. in the alternative, i would be happy with a formula...
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    Tube in V-shape

    Tube in V-shape Free Body Diagram Hello, I want to ask your help because this is not really my field. This is the problem: See attached picture. I have this tube laying in a V-shape. The tube is hinged at itsend but this does not matter for this problem. The tube gives a force of 4000 N at...
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    A piston in A tube- Surprisingly difficult.

    Hi, I really need help with the following question. A thermally insulating horizontal tube of cross-sectional area A is filled with a volume 2V of gas at a pressure p. At the centre of the tube is a freely sliding piston of mass M which seals the left and right hand sides of the tube from...
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    Count rate vs pd across a gm tube

    3 radioactive sources each emit alpha, beta, and gamma radiation but have half-lives of seconds, minutes, and years respectively. I need to investigate how the count rate on a GM tube due to gamma radiation alone, depends on the potential difference across the GM tube. - given 3 sources, GM...
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    Stresses with thickwalled tube theory

    Hello A ring should be mounted on a solid shaft. The rings inner diameter is smaller than than the shaft diamater so it will be forced on. for my problem the inner diamater for the ring is 90mm -50 micro meters the shaft is 90mm + 20 micro meters so there can be a difference of 110 micro...