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    Net torque on a wheel

    Find the net torque on the wheel shown in the figure about the axle through O (origin) if a = 10cm and b = 25cm. The answer is -3.71 N.m, going into paper. I'm having trouble getting this result. I included an attachment with what I did. What am I missing? Thank you.
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    Definition of Torque? Do I have the right understanding?

    The textbook defines torques as the measure of the force's effectiveness at making an object accelerate rotationally. Does this mean that a higher torque will get the object to have a higher magnitude in acceleration and a faster time to get the object to reach it's max acceleration...
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    Torque of human arm when flexing

    To find the respective torque that is needed to bend the the arm at 180 degrees, 90 degrees and 30 degrees. The arm is not holding anything. This is what i have done so far but i doubt it is correct these are the relevent information...
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    Torque using cartesian coordinates

    A force of 8N is directed from point A to point B. The position vector of point A is 3i + j (ie. its at (3,1)) The position vector of B is at -4i +2j (ie. its at (-4, 2)) Calculate the torque about O In all honesty I havent gotten very far with this. Its a multiple choice question and every...
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    torque and force

    In the figure above, a 50kg boom of length 3.0m is supported by a cable that has a breaking tension of 800 N. The cable is perpendicular to the boom and is attached 2.25 m from the pivot. Find: a) the maximum load that can be suspended from the end of the boom; b) The magnitude of the...
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    torque,rotational motion of an object

    We all know that T = Fd Where F = applied force,T=torque about the pivot. Mathematically,to produce the same size of torque,if F increases,d decreases. If F decreases,d increases. But,let's think about what's happening at the atomic level. Please see the attached. Suppose A is the pivot. In...
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    Net Torque HELP!

    Calculate the net torque on the rectangular plate about the point O. Force F1 is 12.0 N, F2 is 21.0 N, F3 is 12.0 N, F4 is 16.0 N, and F5 is 19.0 N. *Pciture of diagram attached* I need help!
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    Angular Velocity

    Hello! I've been stuck on this question all night and was wondering if anyone had any ideas. In the mens hammer throw field event, athletes compete to throw a “Hammer” as far as possible. A “Hammer” consists of a ball of mass 7.257 kg attached to a cable of length 1.215 meters. Athletes...
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    I was having trouble with the following questions. 1) A uniform 2 kg horizontal beam 50 cm long is bolted to a brick wall and supports a 5kg lighting fixture. Calculate the torque produced by the combined weight of the beam and the light about the point where the beam meets the wall. 2) a...
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    Moments (torque)

    I have a question I am stuck on and not sure how to go about it. Dealing with torque. Not sure how to handle the angle. IT's question 3-11 the one I am stuck on. Is it: -(500sin15 degree x 1.8?????????) If someone can help me with this, thanks. Joanne DIAGRAM ATTACHED
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    Hi, I have some questions in mechanics and I need some help. 1. In a container with constant volume, we have an ideal gas. The average kinetic energy of molecules is Wk. We heat the gas, so the temperature doubles. What is average kinetic energy of molecules now? 2. The body with weight Fg...
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    Calculate Maximum Torque

    Calculate Maximum Torque A 2.4 m long structural aluminium pipe (series 6063-T6) is used as part of a roof structure. As part of the design process it is required to assess the suitability of different sizes of pipe. Calculate the maximum torque that can be...
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    Petrol Engine Torque and Rpm

    Hi, i just had a lab and in it we decreased the rpm of an engine by 200 each time as we did the torque increases and power etc. just wondering why torque increases when speed decreases. because Ive been searching on the net and it seems to be the other way around. heres my lab results...
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    Simple Torque Question

    A rod 2m long with different weights at each end. If one weight has a mass of 16 kg and the other weight has a mass of 22 kg, approximately where is the center of mass of the system? (Assume the rod has negligible mass). The book's answer states: To find the center of mass, locate the...
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    Dynamics Torque Question

    I need help with this quesion please. The cooling fan impeller of a computer has mass 10 g and has a Radius of Gyration K= 0.0001 kg.m2. Starting from rest, the fan is required to be accelerated up to 800 rpm in 3 seconds. Assuming uniform acceleration from rest, calculate the torque required...
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    Torque Equilibrium

    This is one of the problems in "Holts Physics Problem Workbook". The answer they give is different to mine. Can somebody throw some light on what I have done? The convention they have used in the book is positive torque is anticlockwise. In 1991, a giant stick of Brighton rock (a type of rock...
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    Finding Torque

    Hi, Stuck on this question. A motor develops 1.00kW of power at 2110 RPM. Calculate the torque developed by this motor?? in Newton Metres Help please, thanks. I have no clue where to start on this. Joanne
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    Frictional Torque

    A firm wants to determine the amount of frictional torque in their current line of grindstones, so they can redesign them to be more energy efficient. To do this, they ask you to test the best-selling model, which is basically a disk shaped grindstone of mass 1.5 kg and radius 8.50 cm which...
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    Inertia and Torque of Drum and Mass

    Hello there, I am looking to find the answer to this past examination question, as I am not sure I'm doing them correctly. Thanks inadvance for any help and input. A mass of 300kg hangs vertically from a cord, the other end of which is wound round the rim of a drum of 650mm diameter. The...
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    Rotation and Torque

    A catapult made with a rod of negligible mass that is 3.00m long has a mass of 60.0 kg 0.14m from the pivot point on one side and a 0.120 kg mass 2.86m on the other side. I need to find the speed that the 0.120 kg mass achieves (largest speed) once the rod is released. I am unsure of where to...