1. N

    Forces and torque at different point

    Hello guys I am trying to solve this problem in excel sheet where i can input different values and know the forces and torques acting at the point . Could any guys guide me how to start off with this problem
  2. A

    L Angle Capacity

    Hi there people, Need help with our situation. Mirror: 2440mm x 1500mm x 50mm wide. Weight: 150kg We want to mount the mirror against a brick wall (floating style) and plan on using aluminium L angles to support the TOP and bottom of the mirror. I would like to determine if the 50mm x...
  3. A

    Need Help: L angle capacity

    Hi there people, Need help with our situation. Mirror: 2440mm x 1500mm Weight: 150kg We want to mount the mirror against a brick wall (floating style) and plan on using aluminium L angles to support the TOP and bottom of the mirror. I would like to determine if the 50mm x 50mm x 3mm...
  4. S

    motor torque racing simulator

    Hi guys, I am building a motion racing simulator. i am trying to calc what are the characteristics of the motor that i need. i want to raise 80 kg (160 lbs) with a servo motor the motor is connected to a 8" (20cm) arm. the arm is connected to the weight, and needs to raise it 180 degrees...
  5. A

    Rotational Power = torque (τ)*(ω) angular velocity? - Problem with units

    I set up an experiment with a pendulum (uniform beam) swinging on a hinge and the hinge attached to a small PMDC generator. The generator had no load attached and its output voltage is proportional to its speed of rotation. I swung the pendulum from 90 degrees and using a data logger I...
  6. B

    Flywheel Inverted pendulum torque calculation

    I started building my own flywheel inverted pendulum (i'm using a standard PID controller for the balancing). I came across many articles regarding the differential equation of the pendulum. Most article develop the motion equation using the Euler–Lagrange, few chose the Newtonian way. What I...
  7. benit13

    Torque required for synchronising generators

    I had a query a while back on the physics part of MyMathForum. However, I never did manage to resolve it, so hopefully I'll have more success with you guys :) I'm trying to work out the answer to the following problem: Two, four-pole (p=2), 50 Hz synchronous generators are paralleled...
  8. L

    Finding a position vector of a pivot on a lever from its torque

    Hi guys, I have a problem here which I'm really stumped on. I have a rigid rod of 3.1m length, with two equal masses at either end. The pivot is placed so that the total torque is 25k N.m about the pivot, and I need to find it's location. I've drawn a diagram, a basis, calculated that the...
  9. O

    Hammer and nail torque

    Can you help me on solving this problem. θ=30 and when F=150N nail tries to remove. The force exerts by the nail is paralleled to the hammer. 1 Find the force exert by the single point of contact? 2.Find the force exert by the hammer to the nail?
  10. O

    diving board torque

    See this image There are 4 forces which are forming which are F1 downwards,(The force which is adding by the bolt) F2 upwards, and the mg and Mg that ate the forces adding by the man and the board. So those forces are taking to calculate the torque of it. But there is a force which is...
  11. G

    Torque Efficiency.

    Hi all, I need to derive an equation for the efficiency of the gear train in terms of the output load (torque). This train has fixed losses, input power, input and output speeds. Any advice will be appreciated.
  12. G

    What is torque divided by angular velocity?

    What is the best way to simplify torque as a proportion of angular velocity? Is that even a thing? Is there something close?
  13. T

    Acceleration of a Block on an Atwood's Machine?

    Hello. I'm stuck on a problem that has me determining the acceleration of a block on an Atwood's Machine. (The whole question and figure are shown in the attached screenshot). Information Tensions T1 and T2 M1 = 2.0kg, M2 = 4.0 kg, and Mp (pulley) = 2.0 kg R = 6.0 cm Frictional Torque =...
  14. B

    Torque and forces on a rigid triangle body

    Hello everyone, I am not a physicist or student so hoping someone here can help me verify my understanding of calculating torque and forces on a rigid body for a personal project I'm working on. I have the following rigid triangle, made of steel. It has 3 forces working on it. FL is a rod...
  15. K

    Calculate motor torque requide to drive a cart

    Hello, I'm in a design project of a cart. i want to decide a geared motor power and RPM. but I'm in a trouble with this because I'm unable to calculate the motor with radial friction.the cart is with steel wheel and drive on steel rails. place help. Total weight cart+carrying material - 4.5 Ton...
  16. H

    torque / centrifital force

    is it possible that centrifital force can produce a torque if yes then what will be the magnatude of torque
  17. Y

    Flywheel Drive Torque

    How much Torque is required for a flywheel of (Inertia wk2=1500 lb-ft2) to accelerate upto 1500 RPM in duration of 80 Seconds? The input drive is a Hydromotor with a displacement of 11.88 cu.inch per revolution.
  18. E

    The torque

    okay guys what am I doing wrong here? I am getting wrong results for a) and b),somebody help me please =)
  19. S

    Basic ques but getting confused

    Just a simple Pulley question to start with - Imagine an ideal pulley with equal masses M hanging on it on each side. So I raise the level of one mass with my hand, so right now , when i am holding one mass, they are at different levels. Now I let go off the mass. Would they move and try to...
  20. C

    Torque question

    Sorry if this is on the wrong forum guys! Just looking for an answer to this..have an answer of 42.1 N hope its correct, thanks in advance! A Person is holding an 11KG mass with their elbow flexed at 90 degrees so the forearm is parallel to the floor. Their arm has a mass of 4kg and is 33cm...