1. P

    Thermodynamics and Light

    From a mathematical perspective, are there any major theories that connect the two?
  2. P

    Thermodynamics and Light

    From a mathematical perspective, are there any major theories that connect the two?
  3. J

    Binary Mechanics (Personal theory)

    May I humbly submit the theory of Binary Mechanics, where a number of variables including space and time are quantized. This TOE or better QOE (quantization of everything) is a grand unification and reveals that we live in a binary universe. Bit functions replace quantum mechanical wave...
  4. H

    My theory on Something, want to share and hear opinions.

    I have some theory on Atoms/particles/ Space. And I would like to share it with this forum, as after reading many posts here, I saw that it contain real professionals :) I will try to explain it in clear simple words, and to deliver the main idea. I would like to hear your opinions on it, if it...
  5. N

    Perturbation Theory

    The length of a pendulum is slowly doubled (l=l_0(1+epsilon*t), 0<=t<=1/epsilon). How does the amplitude q_max of the oscillations vary?
  6. S

    Chaos Theory

    If I have 50/60mm stainless steel bars stacked in a hopper, How can I get these out at the bottom one at a time using only gravitational force? Will these get jammed at the bottom? Will I need to use vibration?
  7. P

    Time dependant perturbation theory

    Q - A tritium atom beta decays to He3+. What is the probability that the electron is in the ground state of He3+ after the decay? Well I definately need to use time dependant perturbation theory. If you consider the beta decay to be a sudden pertubation to the potential then surely the...
  8. B

    thermal field theory exercises

    Dear all I couldn´t advance too much with two proposed exercises. I have to have them done in two days and I don´t know where else I can find any help. So I copy here the Latex code If somebody could help me. I cand send the pdf file by mail if required. Thank you in advance and regards...
  9. T

    theory physics

    hi.this is Dina.could you please explain me the theoretical physics and how to go to this field.what is its future job and job.if you could help me i would be so thankful(Hi)
  10. K

    Dark Matter Theory (personal theory)

    The Theory of Dark Matter by Kevin Morais From a Zen philosophy what can matter exist in? It can exist in it’s self. Basically the space and time we exist in is created from (matter / energy) as it accelerates faster than light. In science fiction if you go faster than light you go in the...
  11. W

    Modern Physics Theory

    I am attempting to do this Modern Physics Homework and i cannot wrap my mind around these three questions: 34. Three observers located at E, F, and G are watching two bombs located close to Observers E and F. Both bombs explode simultaneously. Explain how the observers see the pattern of...
  12. W

    Need Pointers for Basic EM Theory (questions)

    Hey all, Just started taking EM last week and our first homework assignment gave me a bit of trouble... 1.) The first problem I had issues with utilized a set-up of three spheres suspended from a common point by threads of length 1.17m. The mass of each ball is 13.3 grams and the spheres...
  13. A

    Constraint theory

    Can someone please explain to me how the constraint theory can be used to find out ratio of accelerations ? (Sadsmile)
  14. J

    Acceleration of Expansion Rate of Universe: Please Destroy my Theory

    First time poster. Cool site. When I heard that the expansion of the universe is accelerating, I wondered if it might be due to gravitational attraction between our universe and everything that surrounds our universe. I am sure that somebody thought of this and determined that it is...
  15. Reciprocity

    Reciprocal Theory

    I'm not sure where this discussion needs to be posted. I'd like to discuss the Reciprocal System of Theory by Dewey Larson with physics-minded people. Please see The Collected Works at The Reciprocal System to determine where it should go. Thanks.
  16. D

    Stresses with thickwalled tube theory

    Hello A ring should be mounted on a solid shaft. The rings inner diameter is smaller than than the shaft diamater so it will be forced on. for my problem the inner diamater for the ring is 90mm -50 micro meters the shaft is 90mm + 20 micro meters so there can be a difference of 110 micro...
  17. N

    String Theory

    String theory describes a wave-particle structure of light yet the energy of an oscillating string is dependent on the amplitude and frequency. Lenard photoelectric effect proves light energy is dependent on only the frequency which is experimental proof that the string theory of light is...
  18. A

    Time Energy Theory

    Happening energy When we think in idea. The etheric mind turn it to waves of energy in the bigger dimensional world . to increase events energy force and make event overcome the other event . every happening energy in the four dimensional world has wave function . It specifies number of paths...
  19. C

    Theory of special relativity

    Because there is no such thing as absolute simultaneity, two observers in relative motion may disagree on which of two events A and B occurred first. Supposed, however, that an observer in reference frame S measures that event A occurred first and cause even B. For example, even A might be...
  20. S

    Homework questions on quantum theory (blackbody radiation)

    Hello.. i need help with two homework questions if anyone would be so kind. I do not know where to begin on solving these questions. The questions are as follows: 1. If the angular frequencies of waves in a three-dimensional box of sides L generalize to: Ω = πc/L (nx²+ny²+nz²)^1/2 Where all n...