1. S

    Examples of Einstein's Theory of Relativity

    Einstein's theory of Relativity introduces three concepts..... Space contracts and time dilates Space time Invariant light speed I know that the space travelling twin sibling is an example of time dilation.........Can anyone of you give examples of other concepts and explain...
  2. O

    Any theory on generating torsion field?

    Referring to following articles, I would like to know on how torsion field are generated by counter-rotating two magnets, does anyone know any theory in this process? Thanks in advance for any suggestions Likewise, by generating a torsion field (which can be done by counter-rotating two...
  3. kelsiu

    A big question about kinetic theory

    I have a question about deriving the equation of kinetic theory of ideal gas - PV=1/3 Nmcr^2, where N is number of atoms, cr is root mean square of atom speed and m is mass of one atom. In deriving the equation, many text books consider the total rate of change of momentum within a certain time...
  4. N

    About the book:Structural aspects of Quantum Field Theory

    I am studying QFT,so I would like to know about the book:Structural Aspects of Quantum Field Theory and Noncommutative Geometry of Gerhard Grensing.Do any one please give a hind about the book?.Is it a good book for intermediate student in QFT(at level of QFT book of Weinberg)?Please help me...
  5. M

    Contradiction in Magnetic Field Theory?

    I've been thinking about Magnetic Fields, and I think that I've found a contradiction in conventional physics theory. While comparing the Left-Hand-Rule for Motors (LHR) and the Right-Hand-Rule for Generators (RHR), I found this contradiction: The Left-Hand-Rule states that if the Magnetic...
  6. K

    Is there un-unification theory?

    Is there a un-unification theory? A theory which sets out to try and prove that gravity can never be unified with the other forces (the strong, weak and electromagnetic forces). Would be interested to know if there is any research in this area.
  7. K

    S-matrix in String Theory. What is it?

    Hi there! S-matrix is Path Integral with Vertex Operators inserted. I know how to compute Shapiro-Virasoro amplitude. So I don't have problems with calculations but with understanding. In this calculations formalism of 2-dimensional CFT is used. But there is no S-matrix in CFT, only...
  8. A

    Theory of "Frozen" Arkadius

    Hello everyone.... I published my thoughts , send them to few smart people,forums etc... but....some twisted answers and reactions ...very very strange to me ...everyone is pretending to be the smartes one ,but no one want to understand and listen ....everywhere i tried they banned me calling...
  9. Y

    Question of Image Theory with electric and magnetic conductors.

    I have a few question in the Image Theory with electric and magnetic conductor plane. The drawing below is from Advanced EM theory by Balanis p 318. The top drawing are vertical and horizontal electric and magnetic sources on top of an electric conductor plane where σ=∞. The bottom drawing are...
  10. T

    The Simplest Explanation: The Origins Of The Universe

    The simpler the construction material is, in form and function, the wider range of formations it is capable of creating. For instance, LEGOS's are a much simpler and much more diverse construction tool, than television sets are. Similarly pixels can create an even greater variety of creations...
  11. A

    How fast can we arrive at a certain place, in theory?

    Hi there, In theory, we cannot travel faster than light. Therefore, is the answer to this question "The speed of light" ? Definitely NO. According to Enstain's Special Theory of Relativity, if someone travels in a inertial reference frame which moves at a speed that near the speed of...
  12. J

    Looking for help: Many-body Quantum theory in condensed matter physics

    Hey Im taking this course, which is following the book "Many-body Quantum theory in condensed matter physics" by K. Flensberg and Bruus. It basicly covers: Second Quantization Mean field theory Linear Response theory Normal and imaginary-time greens functions Equation of motion...
  13. M

    Kinetic Theory Of An Ideal Monoatomic Gas

    Hi everbody! This has been bugging me for quite some time now. According to the Wikipedia (and phyiscs textbooks), " The total force on the wall is where the bar denotes an average over the N particles. Since the assumption is that the particles move in random directions, we will have to...
  14. N

    need help with string theory

    im stuck with a pressing question that's been burning in my head for a few days. im trying to write a paper on neutrinos and i saw a few documentaries stating that they maybe as fast if not 60 nano seconds faster in the doc. it stated that neutrinos are formed in a membrane (dimensions) with...
  15. H

    Expansion of Universe

    Moved to correct thread.
  16. E

    Need help with math for theory

    I need help with the math to prove or disprove my theory. What I have is simplistic and incomplete. Please look at my attachment for my idea. The math should follow Einstein's equations. Thank you for your help and or input. I think it would help if we started with the four common vectors wrap...
  17. J

    Practical demonstrations of chaos theory?

    Hello, Does anyone know of any practical demonstrations of chaos theory that I could use and show people for a science fair? Thank you. All help is appreciated.
  18. R

    Static Mechanics Theory help

    First of all thanks for a very good forum. Secondly I must admit that physics was never my strong side and is still not. During my highschool days I had very much problem with physics simply because I was not really a science person (Had all good grades in other subjects than science). But...
  19. N

    Could we demonstrate the convergence of perturbation quantum field theory?

    Please teach me this: Could we demonstrate the convergence of perturbation series in perturbation quantum field theory(Feymann diagrams) after making renormalizing procedure.If we would not be able to demonstrate,why we still consider the perturbation theory is a useful and believable theory...
  20. M

    Gauge Field Theory of Entropy

    I have been thinking about Entropy and have come to the conclusion that it acts very like a force, what with being driven at all times in the direction of increase, and all. We should, therefore, be able to write a Gauge Field Theory for it. Now, field theories for entropy exist ( "Entropy"...