1. A

    Is neutron the key to solving the mystery of theory of everything?

    This post is not an ads for my book (book title has been deleted for good faith). This post is just to challenge your brain to look again at the facts of the physics world. The book, in the form of a sci-fi story, tries to focus the reader on the intellectual challenge about the atom. The...
  2. P

    Alternate theory of gravity

    This has been on my mind lately, and i have seen this theory before on a few articles. Is gravity actually everything expanding? Ive pondered many thought experiments and it seems that viewing gravity this way works out just as well if not better than the current accepted model of gravity...
  3. L

    Introductory Special Relativity book theory question

    According to the examples often used in introductory special relativity theory books, if a spaceship leaves the earth and travels towards a far distant galaxy at near the speed of light. Then turns around and returns to Earth, perhaps 10 years will have passed for the traveler and perhaps 1000...
  4. D

    Electrons in Quantum Field Theory

    Electrons in quantum field theory are an expanded field. They have infinite lengths. How does electron transfer in an triboelectricity or chemical process, how does the principle of the exclusion of Paul's work, which says that fermions can not occupy the same place?
  5. L

    FRESNEL DIFFRACTION DERIVATION THAT est. the wave theory of light

    Fresnel derives a diffraction intensity equation by summating the interfering light waves' amplitudes, at the diffraction screen, using a line integral (equ 1). "Hence the intensity of the vibration at P resulting from all these small disturbances is { [ ʃ dz cos (π z2 (a + b) /...
  6. avito009

    Sound Waves and String Theory.

    Is the basic idea of string theory that all particles are tiny vibrating strings inspired from sonic boom? A sonic boom is the sound associated with the shock waves created whenever an object traveling through the air travels faster than the speed of sound. Sonic booms generate significant...
  7. avito009

    New theory of black holes.

    The purpose of providing this theory is to overthrow Einstein from his established position and Reestablish Newton to the position of God. For which I am providing this new theory. Observe what happens when you throw a ball in space the ball moves in a straight line at constant speed and...
  8. S

    kinetic theory of gases

    I am confused in the collision frequency(Z). somewhere it is: Z={rms speed/mean free path} and some where Z={average speed/mean free path} which is correct...
  9. J

    Discrete measurement operator quantum measurement theory

    Consider the Gaussian position measurement operators $$\hat{A}_y = \int_{-\infty}^{\infty}\frac{e^{-(x-y)^{2}/(4V)}}{(2 \pi V)^{1/4}}|x \rangle \langle x|dx$$ where |x \rangle are position eigenstates. Does anyone know how it can be shown that the required completion relation is satisfied...
  10. T

    Hydrogen atom (perturbation theory)

    For the simplest situation of hydrogen atom (no relativistic, spin-orbit interaction) we have a situation where proton is creating electric field equal to a point charge e. Then electron is affected by that potential fi0(r) and hydrogen atom hamiltonian radial part is H0 (see the attachment)...
  11. N

    reciprocal lattice in connection with band theory

    I need details on this topic ,this is my assignment but my solid state physics is not so good,and don't know much about it but i have to do this assignment ,i have material on reciprocal lattice but for only including in assignment ,not for my understanding,so frankly, i directly need any...
  12. pittsburghjoe

    Scramble Theory

    If you don't want someone to see something scramble it. This theory crosses the bridge between Einstein and Bohr. The math required to prove it will necessitate someone else as writing formulas is beyond my abilities. My hope is that you will read this and believe I am on to something...
  13. P

    BCS Theory

    Hey everyone!, I am Pranav, from India. I am a student of class 12. I have made a short video explaining the BCS Theory please do give a look and please do give feedback. DpwcYJAqY30
  14. V

    regarding the length contraction and time dilation in special theory of relativity

    Respected Sir, as i read in relativity, some writer use inverse Lorentz's transformations equations and some other use Lorentz's transformations for solving length contraction and time dilation expressions with any logic that which one used in which situation. clear me this. with regards vikas
  15. B

    Simulation theory

    What do you think about the simulation theory?
  16. B

    The theory of everything

    I believe i discovered the theory of everything. But i'm not sure about that. I would like and appreciate any opinion, comment and review for this. You can read and download my research at the following link : ... Everything Also i attach my research...
  17. H

    Quantum Field Theory

    Dear physicists I have a question about the plots of wave functions of quarkonia. Why their plots are Gaussian like? For example the ground state figure for charmonia is like: Please give me a brief explanation.
  18. H

    Quantum Field Theory

    Dear physicists I have a question about the plots of wave functions of quarkonia. Why their plots are Gaussian like? For example the ground state figure for charmonia is like: Please give me a brief explanation.
  19. K

    Electromagnetics / EM theory made easy - Textbook review

    As everybody might be aware of Engineering Electromagnetics / Electromagnetic theory is a difficult subject for Electronics / Electrical engineering students and physics post graduates. We have published book titled "Electromagnetics made easy" authored by B.Srinivasan. In the book the subject...
  20. L

    Equation of circuit theory

    can someone teach me how to transform the above equation to the below one?