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    This text book solution looks wrong

    This is a solution given in a text book but as far as I can tell: E - V_0 \tan^2(\frac{\pi x}{2a}) \neq E - (E+V_0)\frac{\sin^2(\frac{\pi x}{2a}) }{\cos^2(\frac{\pi x}{2a}) } Can anyone see anything I am missing?
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    Fibre optics High school text

    The text book is talking about pulse spreading/dispersion in optical fibres. Book says: "The spreading of the pulse is due to two dispersion effects: (i) Chromatic dispersion occurs because the refractive index of the fibre is different for different frequencies (colours) of light ...
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    Suggestion for Text

    I'm fairly well-educated in mathematics, but I haven't had an iota of education in physics—not in high school or college. I'd like to know just the basics, for the sake of well-roundedness and possibly to tutor high school and freshman college students in the subjects. Since I'm not familiar...
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    How do I write % in my text..?

    Hello! I want to use the % sign, but how is that possible? I havn´t found any info on that Thanks
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    reviewing a possible wrong result of QUANTUM MECHANICS text

    I have some concerns about Structure of the wave function space F Im refering to QUANTUM MECHANICS chapter II of Cohen-Tannoudji text The item A-1.a of this chapter say: it can easily be shown that F satisfies all the criteria of a vector space. As an example, we demostrate that if \psi_1(r)...