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    Tension And Definition of elasticity

    The formula of the tension on 2 ropes T giving θ is T=Fg/2*Sin(θ) which means T get closer to infinite when θ is small. But since I can hang on my horizontal bar at home without a problem probably there is no infinite tension on it. I'm guessing there is a fundamental difference between a steel...
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    Find tension in a string with attached body doing UCM

    Problem A rock with mass 1.5 kg is being whirled in a horizontal circle on a string 0.8m long. The speed of the rock is a constant 5m/s. Find the magnitude and the direction of the tension in the string. There seems to be too many unknowns here to solve??(Sadsmile) Answer 49N @ 17...
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    How to solve this tension question?

    Dear all, I am trying to figure out why the answer is T>W... do you have any idea why, if so could you please explain. Thank you. Picture of Problem: https://imgur.com/a/Mp2eAjc
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    surface tension

    There is horizontal film of soap solution.On it a thread is placed in the form of a loop.The film is punctured inside the loop and the thread becomes a circular loop of radius R.If the surface tension of the soap solution is T,then the tension in the thread will be? Plz help me out. Plz...
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    surface tension

    why does surface tension decrease on adding sparingly soluble substances and increase on adding highly soluble substances? Plz somebody answer me.
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    Given tension, mass, length, find the mass

    "The string on a conical pendulum is 2m in length an has a tension on the string holding the object has a mass of 100 N. The radius of motion is 0.4 m and the period of rotation is 2 seconds. What is the mass of the object?" Does anybody have any resources to help solve this problem?
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    Need Help with a Tension problem

    A kind daddy is pushing his little girl on a swing in the park. One fun thing to do is to hold her in equilibrium for a moment before releasing her so she can swing back. the vector sum of daddy's force, the little girls weight, and the force of teh two chains of the swing is then zero...
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    Pressure - Tension Problem

    A moored contact mine is an explosive tethered by a cable to the seafloor so that it sits just under the surface of the ocean, then explodes when a ship hits it. Imagine one is a 300 kg sphere with a radius of 0.600 m. If it is 4.00 m below the surface and the tether is low mass enough to be...
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    Tension on 2 submerged objects

    If 2 objects with different weigh is connected to each other by a string and both submerged to the water, how would i get the tension of the string? Ive been searching all over the internet and they only gave me one object with the string attached to some sort of cable. Bouyant force is equal...
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    The tension force of a pulley

    I have a problem that, If there is no friction in the pulley why the T1 force equals to the T2 force. Can you give me the reasons for that.
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    Why is tension added with mg?

    Why is my teacher saying that T = mg + ma = 24 N? Shouldn't it simply be 4 N? Link to the question https://ibb.co/dHiDkk
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    surface tension

    The pulling force that causes this tension acts parallel to the surface is due to the attractive forces . is it because of the to remain in equilibrium , the surface tension must be equal to the attractive forces between molecules?
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    surface tension and dropping (NEED HELP İN PROBLEM)

    Hello friends; i want to solve the problem about surface tension and dropping. i find a equation on http://planetcalc.com/2296/ and i enter this formulato excel. But i dont sure this formula is true. http://picpaste.com/AdsAe_z-km3N3Ktc.jpg for water : if pipe outlet diameter is 9,45mm (or...
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    How to find tension given pulse equation?

    A transverse pulse is propagating on a 2.0 m long string of mass 50 g. The pulse is described by the equation: y(x,t)=pi/(pi+(3x/2+pi(t))^2) , with x and y in meters, and t in seconds. Find the tension in the string.
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    determine the tension in a string

    can anyone tell me how to start with this question ? how to get the ans ? i have no idea at all ....
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    direction of tension of metal rod

    the metal rod is supported by another metal rod at one end . The metal rod is supported by another metal rod at the end. so , the direction of tension of metal rod is acted upward , right ?( this is the initial prediction) But , i was told that the tension that we get from calculation will...
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    Forces and Tension- given coefficient of friction to find speed?

    Okay, I've posted a lot, but this is the lat problem I'm having an issue with. Here I go! i) I have absolutely no idea. I can't even attempt because I honestly don't know what to do or where to start. How the heck am I supposed to find speed with what's given? It's not like I have time or...
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    Tension Problem

    Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone out there can help with a problem in Tension I have just come across. The problem states that we have a rope of Mass M which is suspended from hooks at either end. At each end the rope makes an angle x with the horizontal. The rope sags in the middle. There are...
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    Hello smart people- Don't know much about physics but need to know what this action is called as far as why the cloth would hold by the tension created from folding through object and tightened. Yeah pic is horrible hope you understand though! Thanks much