1. N

    Bring a laser beam to the center of a telescope, undependent of initial angle

    Sry for the confusing title, I don't know a better one for my Problem ;) Ok, i struggle with the following: I have a laser beam that gets reflected with an AOD (to different angles), then moves through a beam expander and a collimator and hits a telescope, that focuses the beam to a small...
  2. kelsiu

    Why array of telescope is used?

    To increase the resolution of an instrument, smaller wavelength and larger aperture is desirable. It is mentioned in some textbooks that the "effective" diameter of a telescope can be increased by using arrays of smaller telescopes. I just wonder why it is possible because every telescope is...
  3. D

    Physics Numerical (Galilean Telescope)

    A Galilean telescope has an objective of 120 mm focal length and an eye piece of 50 mm focal length. If the image seen by the eye is 300 mm from the eye piece, what is the angular magnification? Please sovle this problem. [/B] Muneer Ahmed Karachi, Pakistan
  4. H

    Astronomical telescope

    An astronomical telescope is in normal adjustment.The diameter of the incident beam falling on the objective is d.If the angular magnification of the telescope is m,the diameter of the emerged beam is ? Ans given is d/m In normal adjustment ,would mean the image is at infinity,&...
  5. W


    Is it possible to make a telescope with lenses only? Without using parabolic mirror