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    Mass of a box been pushed taking friction into account.

    This feels like a really basic question so i feel like I'm making an assumption that I shouldn't be. Max fs=us*N Fk=uk*N N=mg For the box to start to move Fk must equal Fs. So I can rearrange for m from there us*75*9.81=uk*9.81*m but this answer isn't ending up anywhere near the correct answer...
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    Hey, this is taking me hours, please help

    Two small objects are hung, from a point, on strings 79 cm long. They each have mass 0.08 grams and are given equal charges. If the strings each make an angle of 37 degrees with the vertical, what is the magnitude of the charge on each object? Give your answer to three significant digits The...
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    Any Test Taking Tips?

    I'm taking a HUGE test on momentum and impulse tomorrow. I know the formulas and whatnot, but does anyone have any tips that might make me NOT fail?