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    Calculate the time it takes for river gravel to take on the same temperature as the a

    Heres the scenario: Water level drops in a river. The previously saturated gravel slowly takes on the same temperature as the air. Assuming the gravel was originally the same temperature as the water, and the surface is flat, How long does it take? I believe these are the relevant formulas...
  2. P

    Finding the time it takes a light source to hit an observer

    The question I am trying to solve is: In A frame, a light source at rest located at x = 0 emits a pulse P_1 at t_1 = 0, emits another pulse P_2 at t_2 = t. A’ frame moves with constant speed V along X axis with A frame. Observer in A’ at X’ = 0 receives P_1 at t_1’ = 0, X_1’ = 0 (i.e. P_1 was...
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    In the formation of water which type of reaction takes place: endo or exothermic?

    Why? How does this follow the laws of thermodynamics?
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    Time it takes a monkey to climb a rope with out breaking it...

    A 13.5 kg monkey starts to climb a long rope to reach a banana located at a height of 6.92 m. The rope will snap if the tension exceeds 148.50 N. Calculate the least amount of time the monkey could take to reach the banana without breaking the rope. I don't even know where to start...
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    Time it takes a ball to roll down a slope. Gravity.

    The value of gravity on the moon is one sixth what it is on earth. If a ball was rolled down a slope would it take the ball more, less, or equal time to roll to the bottom as compared to on earth?