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    understanding energy loss in compressed air system

    When measuring pressure drop across a compressed air system shown in the included figure, I get different results depending on the system downstream of the actual component I am measuring pressure drop across. Btw this is a real experiment that has been ran. The numbers below are different but a...
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    Compressed air system question

    When dealing with a compressed air system I would like to know how to make some calculations to predict pressure and flow rate throughout a system. e.g. If I have a compressor that can supply 50 cfm @ 100 psi at the source, and the air flows through a system of pipes, filters, turns, etc...
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    Constant Volume System

    I keep seeing various variations of this problem in different thermodynamics problem sets: A closed system of constant volume experiences a temperature rise of 25oC when acertain process occurs. The heat transferred in the process is 30kJ. The specific heat at constant volume for the pure...
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    overall system efficiency

    Hi all, I'm looking at a problem where I have two different heat generators supplying thermal energy to a building. The first heat generator provides 80% of the building's heating load and has an efficiency of 95% (natural gas boiler) whilst the second heat generator provides 20% of the...
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    How can a truly isolated system change its volume?

    A question for thermo experts to think about. How can a truly isolated system change its volume?
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    Block Spring System

    Please any help to solve this problem Thanks in advance
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    Internal Energy in isolated system

    Hello, I have an isolated system (no Heat, Work exchange with environment). The 1. Law of Thermodyn says deltaU = 0 for such a system. Then I consider NaOH (solid) and water in this isolated system. The solving process creates entropy (entropy production=irreversible). Temperature...
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    Question about mass/spring system

    Using the energy method. What is the relation between δmax and δst? a) δmax = δst b) δmax = 1/2 δst c) δmax = 2 δst d) δmax = square(2) δst
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    Bullet in 2D coordinate system

    Hello everyone, i have this kind of problem, but i dont think i have enought knowledge of physics to solve it. So here it is: The BULLET is in 2D coordinate system moving in time (T), with starting speed(V0) , that is decressing over time with acceleration(A).Coordinates of a bullet (X,Y) are...
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    Dynamic Spring Plunger System Help

    Hi all! I'm having trouble trying to mathematically model a dynamic system. I tried to draw the system up and write out the algebraic governing equations in the attachment. In short, a compressed spring is pushing on a syringe plunger, which is pushing a liquid through a small radius tube. I...
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    closed system. help !

    I'm very new here, please forgive me for bringing what i hope is a begginers question to an advanced thermo forum, but i've asked in several other places and not found a sensible answer In a given closed system ( ie heat and work can cross the system boundary, mass cannot ) a process occurs...
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    Thrust of a biomimetic propulsion system

    Greetings to all brilliant and curious minds, Background: My name is Gio and I am working on a biomimetic underwater robot prototype. The biomimetic propulsion system consists in two lateral MPF-type fins (Median and/or Paired Fin) for loco-motionas shown in the photo. The propulsion system is...
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    Movable pulley system problem

    Hello, I'd be grateful if someone could check my solution to the following problem on movable pulleys. Forces with pulleys tend to confuse me. Excuse if terminology is a bit wonky, I'm translating this from another language. Steel cube with side of length a = 0.2 m and density r = 7800...
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    How to determine the response function of an imaging system?

    I'm trying to solve the following problem: If I had an imaging system in a black box, how could I derive its response function? My first idea was to use a plane wave, and measure the output. I know that the convolution of the input wave with the response function gives us the output. As we...
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    energy stored in hydrogen system I am using a picture upload because I could not find a way to write math signs. Please view the picture upload for the question.
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    Leverage and Forces on a Pivot System

    The diagram drawn below shows a lever system fixed to a point on the left with a pivot point (circle) on the line which attaches to vertical line. I have dimensions for Y and Z and the forces pulling the lever down on the right, and the force acting upwards from below. I am trying to work out...
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    Energy and momentum in a closed system

    (Nerd)A thought experiment: You have a box (spacecraft) stationary, in free fall. Inside box, against one wall is a precompressed spring with a small mass against the end of the spring opposite the wall. Release spring. Its elastic potential energy turns to kinetic energy (and momentum), as...
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    heating/cooling cycle in closed, expandable system

    Hello. Here is a real world problem. I have syringes filled with liquid water (air is completely removed) that are heated to 121C at 32 PSIG. Some of the water boils during this process, expanding the plunger of the syringe. As the system cools back down to room temp and is depressurized, I find...
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    Acceleration of a Mass in a Pulley System

    Hello everyone I'm new here... can you help me in this problem thank you.
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    Pulley System (Physics C Dynamics)

    I've been stuck on this problem for a while. Any help is appreciated! Two masses are connected in a pulley system as shown in the figure. Assume both pulleys are frictionless, and also assume that the strings and pulleys are of negligible mass. If M1 = 67 kg and M2 = 5 kg, what is the...