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    Can a Thruster that uses geomagnetic fields and superconductors generate lift?

    Can a thruster using geomagnetic fields and superconductors generate a thrust? As shown in the figure, the thruster is equipped with a geomagnetic field convergence layer, which is a superconducting material. The geomagnetic field convergence layer repels and blocks the magnetic flux of the...
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    BCS Theory

    Hey everyone!, I am Pranav, from India. I am a student of class 12. I have made a short video explaining the BCS Theory please do give a look and please do give feedback. DpwcYJAqY30
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    Physicists explain why superconductors fail to produce super currents

    In a paper set to appear Sunday in the online edition of Nature Physics, Peter Hirschfeld, a UF professor of physics, and five other researchers for the first time describe precisely how the atomic-level structural elements of high-temperature ceramic superconductors serve to impede electrical...