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    Physics Depth Study Advanced Mechanics

    Hi, I just got my first year 12 assignment which is a depth study of advanced mechanics. I had one idea of investigating the motion of rockets and satellites. I could even do something with circular motion or projectile motion, taking air resistance into consideration. I just don't what to do or...
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    Is the main forum admin, topsquark, able to study new things, be thinking logically?

    Hey, topsquark. You have just closed my thread: "" Although I wrote But you were saying out your opinions about the document before reading it. Also you were...
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    how to study

    whenever we study physics numericals,units,definition of quantities in physics and formulas practice should be done to it strong. but my problem is when we study physics i encounter examples in middle of chapter like numericals can i solve numericals when i finish reading chapter.
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    Thermodynamics study of a vertical spring with a mass (Elastic penduluum)

    Hi, I have an elastic penduluum (light spring with a calorific capacity Cl, with a mass m attached on his lower end with a capacity C) attached in a cylindrical container on the upper side (a vertical elastic penduluum) , vacuum is in this cylinder . We have to compute the difference of his...
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    case study on Inviscid Flow. Fluid jets

    I have to find the thread shape r/a=(1+(2gz)/(Uo)^2)^1/4 But the only thing I have is that r/a=(Uo/Uz)^1/2 and the attached equation how rearrange the formula!??!
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    Study tips...?

    Greetings, Does anyone have any good study tips that they can recommend? I have an upcoming test in physics so I want to be well prepared for it. (Evilgrin) (BTW:I'm not allowed to bring my book home so I can't use that) Also if its not to much trouble, could anyone recommend me...