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    Hi, new befuddled highschool physics student here!

    Seeking aid from this forum because I am drowning in questions for physics...I thought learning physics in high school would allow me to understand the mechanics of the world better...instead it's making me more confused. (Worried) I'm in your care! (Bigsmile)
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    Roller Coaster Physics: From a dumb graduate student who forgot all his education

    Out of curiosity and not out of any desire to test this, would you be able to stay on a roller coaster without any restraints going around a loop? (e.g. if you came to a loop without a seatbelt, would you fall out and die)
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    Projectile Motion Problem for Beginner Physics Student

    I have a problem I can't solve. A stone is thrown from a building 45.0m high at an angle of 30 degree below the horizontal. It strikes the ground 57.0m away. A. What is the time of flight? B. What is the initial speed? C. What is the speed and angle of the velocity vector with respect to the...
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    Terrible physics student reporting in..

    Hi, It's been years since I last studied physics, everything rusted and now I'm back for more. Currently in my second semester and guess what...? I taking basic science again. So, I'm thanking in advance for all the help I will be receiving from all of you..
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    could a student survive

    While running a 70-kg student generates thermal energy at a rate of 1200 W. To maintain a constant body temperature of 370 C, this energy must be removed by perspiration or other mechanisms. If these mechanisms failed and the heat could not flow out of the student’s body, for what amount of time...
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    Help an Australian Engineering Student Pass His Numerical Analysis I exam!

    Hey all, I've run into a bit of trouble regarding State vectors and expressing equivalent first order equations. We have a useless lecturer who spent all of five seconds on the topic yet it seems to be a frequent exam question. Judging by the point allocation to the question it's probably not...