statistical physics

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    Radius of Gyration of an H-polymer?

    Hello, I've been struggling with determining the radius of gyration of an H-polymer. Show that the radius of gyration of an ideal H-polymer with all five sections containing an equal number (N/5) of Kuhn monomers of length b is: (R_g)^2 = (Nb^2/6)(89/625) I know the definition of the...
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    Why units of enthalpy of fusion might matter in statistical modelling

    Hi I would like to know in which units enthalpy of fusion (Hf) should be expressed in statistical models (i.e. MLR) and why ? Should it be expressed in J/g or kJ/mol ? I will be very grateful for an easy to understand expatiation for non physicist.
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    Entropy:A concept that is not a physical quantity (Published in SCI-E Journal)

    《Entropy : A concept that is not a physical quantity》 This study has demonstrated that entropy is not a physical quantity, that is, the physical quantity called entropy does not exist. If the efficiency of heat engine is defined as η = W/W1, and the reversible cycle is considered to be the...