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    What to assume in this problem of static equilibrium?

    I have a question which I'm going to state in verbatim : You want to hang a picture at a certain place on a wall, but the only available nails are at points 1 ft. to the left and 2 ft. to the right off the edges of the picture (see the attachment). You attach the strings of the appropriate...
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    3D Statics problem

    Hello Got a following problem. 300N Box on a frictionless inclined plane. The plane itself is in the Z-direction. Box is held by a rope AB and a force in the direction Z. Determine the tension in the rope and the force F. The answers to this problem are 104N and 215N My question...
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    statics problem, help needed

    Hello Problem description: determine the lenght of h with respect to b so that the water flows. ive gotten as far as come up with an equation for the sum of moments and it goes as follows: bh*1/2b-1/2hb*1/3b=0 the answer is wrong and i dont know why. moment arm on the b is 1/2b and...
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    Statics: help regarding beams.

    Hi! I have been working on the following problem: 1. Consider the beam on the figure. Show with the help of a free body diagram how one can calculate forces and momentum on the vertical interface through the beam in a distance 1 m to the right of point C. 2. Show how one can...
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    could someone please explain to me why there is no relative force at point a where the rod ab is attached to a.
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    Statics problem - determine the minimum weight

    I have two balls in a tube one a top of another zig zag postioned determine the minimum weight at which the tube wont tip over r1=r2=120mm or 0.12m D=400mm=0.40m G=200N What I managed to get : r3=r1+r2=0.24m length between AB=D-r3=0.16m...
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    Mechanics statics wedge

    Does anybody know how to solve this problem ?
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    Statics - Moments

    Doing a question where you have to determine the moment at a particular point.. So far I've only been able to find the j (y) and i (x) components for two forces... but I have no clue what to do now.. ps - I don't know if my working is even right! NEED HELP :(
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    Fluid Statics

    I have a question from a text book it is, A Vertical freshwater lock is 5m wide and 3m high. The water level is 2.7m above the base of the lock on one side, there being no water on the other side. The mass of the lock is 4t and the coefficient of friction between the lock and the slides is 0.3...
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    Fluid statics

    A piston of mass M = 3kg and radius R = 4cm has a hole into which a thin pipe of radius r = 1cm is inserted. The piston can enter a cylinder tightly and without friction, and initially it is at the bottom of the cylinder. 750gm of water is now poured into the pipe so that the...
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    Statics - Very basic question

    I'm currently cramming for a statics final, and it seems that I understand all of the concepts but lack the fundamental geometry skills to tie it all together. In a basic problem such as this: The goal is to find...
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    Statics problem- with solutions but have question about the moment

    Hello everyone, i nearly finished the problem but I get the wrong moment, so i would like to know what I missed. See the image in the attachment. So the questions is as a following: Replace all the 4 forces and the moment in the figure with a resultant R and a resulting moment M in Point 0...
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    Mechanics (Dynamics) Problem

    Cylinder A has a constant downward speed of 1 m/s. compute the velocity of cylinder B for θ= 30 and θ= 45. The spring is in tension throughout the motion range of interest, and the pulleys are connected by the cable of fixed length. Figure...
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    Statics help

    A heavy rod AB is suspended from a point O by two strings OA and OB. Show that the plane OAB is vertical. How to show it? Please help.
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    Statics question

    Dear all I need help in drawing of the FBD of the 2nd question. I'm a bit confused on how to draw the forces acting on the pin joints. Thanks!
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    Statics Help

    I was added late to my statics class this semester and one week in (3 weeks in for other students) BOOM a test. I was hoping that you guys could give me pointers as to how to approach a problem or two. I don't want answers just tips on how to see the problem. Please don't say "figure it out...
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    This problem has stumped me greatly. If the magnitude of the resultant force is to be 500N, directed along the positive y-axis, determine the magnitude of force F and its direction (theta). The picture is on an x-y plane; there's a force 15 degrees below the negative x-axis and has a...
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    Moment of Inertia - Parallel Axis Help (Statics)

    Hey all I don't really have a specific problem to ask about, but I'm having trouble with the concept of the parallel axis theorem. Mainly when using the equation to solve for Ix/Iy, what Ix' and Iy' are equal to. Just for an example, when calculating Iy of this problem: And splitting the...
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    calculating forces in a truss, method of joints

    The question is to calculate the forces ina ll members of the trussnby method of joints. First i have calculated the reaction forces for A and B by taking the moment from both these points. These came too: Ay=65N and By=55N I do not know where to go from here, what point should i analyse...
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    statics problem

    please help me in this problem....thanks...