1. S

    Unobserved(stateless/unphysical) Quantum Waves + State (physicality) = Spacetime (GR)

    Unobserved waves are unphysical, but ones with state change experience duality and get spacetime involved. Observation doesn't always mean Quantum Observation. What matters is if a state change happens. State is a binary physicality variable. I'm now questioning if it's even necessary to declare...
  2. H

    X4 Quantization of Particle State

    Edit: Yet another X4 post. This topic has been retired. -Dan
  3. S

    Calculating Mixture Critical Temperature and Pressure using Equation of State?

    Hello Everyone, I am trying to calculate critical Temperature and Pressure of binary and ternary mixtures using equation of state. In particular, I am using Peng-Robinson Equation of State. I combined this with Van-der Waals critical criterion to get my result, but am way off experimental data...
  4. J

    Library of Babel quantum state

    Hello! If the Library of Babel has 10^(2,000,000) books, does anyone think that it is possible to create a quantum state (with a quantum computer) that represents this Library? I think that in a classical way it is impossible, but in a quantum way? I find it quite interesting! What about...
  5. G

    Exact thermodynamic equation of state

    Dear all, I am using molecular dynamics to calculate energy for ionic liquid. In the article that is proposed equation of state that I want to use, the author would call the energy in the following formula(u) conformational(potential energy): (du/dv)T + T(dp/dT)V = ptot But the other article...
  6. G

    Ideal gas state calculation

    Dear all, I want to calculate thermodynamical properties of my molecule which I am calculating its thermodynamical properties of non-ideal part using Molecular dynamics. I need ideal gas state total energy, Cp, and Cv in several different temperatures. I am using opt+freq at B3lyp/6-311++G(d,p)...
  7. J

    Vacuum evaporation

    Hi, pondering what would occur in a sealed evacuated system containing water, when having a 20,320 micron vacuum and temperature above 22.22 degrees Celsius the water should evaporate/boil, what would happen over time in the sealed system, is it possible for the boiling process to go on for a...
  8. pittsburghjoe

    Unobserved, Free particles in the state of superposition is proof of a 4th dimension

    String Theory needs 10 dimensions to function, but most people have a problem with it because we don't have proof of extra dimensions ..well here ya go. A free/single particle is physically created (with mass in the three dimensions we are familiar with) when a conscience being acknowledges...
  9. K

    Ground state energy of an electron

    Hi, I have this exercise that I dont understand and I may need some help: Find the width L of one dimensional box (infinite square well) for which the ground state energy of an electron in the box equals the absolute value of the ground state in hydrogen atom. Express the units of Bohr radius...
  10. G

    Confusions about reversible process and state variable in non-quasi-static process.

    Hello. I have uncleared concepts about a reversible process and a state variable in a non-quasi-static (or non-equilibrium) process. First, I would like to ask you what is true definition of the reversible process? I've searched information about it and what I found is the following: the...
  11. Z

    To use the d.E Hamiltonian, need state be transformed?

    To use the electric dipole (d.E) Hamiltonian, need state be transformed? I am reading Cohen-Tannoudji's Atom photon interactions (2004 version), in the Appendix he explains that for atom-light interaction, the electric dipole Hamiltonian (d.E form) is got from the original, "physical" (in line...
  12. L

    Changing state of an ideal gas

    Hello everyone, I've been given following question: "An ideal gas is enclosed in a container at state (p1,V1,T1). It is desired to change the state of the gas to (2p1,V1,2T1). This has to be done by only two processes (i.e isothermal followed by isobaric) the processes can't be of the same...
  13. D

    Lee-Kesler-Plocker equation of state (Excel version)

    Looking for Lee-Kesler-Plocker equation of state software. Lee-Kesler is basic equation of state and LKP is for mixtures calculation. Best option would be program written in Excel. 1. Does someone know for any program? Aspen is too expensive, Refprop is (as I've heard) not suitable for LKP...
  14. S

    Numerical Problems in Physics of State

    Find the force needed to punch a hole 0.5cm square in a steel 1mm thick whose shearing strength is 845000000Pa.
  15. kelsiu

    Entropy as a state property

    The usual "proof" entropy is a state property is like that: "Consider a system which undergoes a reversible process from state 1 to state 2 along path A, and let cycle be completed along path B, which is also reversible. Since the cycle is reversible we can write: ∫1-2 δQ / T + ∫2-1 δQ / T...
  16. M

    x-ray applications in solid state physics

    hello everyone i want to do some research on the applications of x-rays in solid state physics and i need help in finding comprehensive materials.i have started working on it but i still feel i have not gotten something very convincing. any help would be appreciated.thanks
  17. N

    matrix in solid state physics

    Hi, everyone! Can anyone answer me the size of dynamical matrix, harmonic matrix of 1-D monoatomic chain with 16 atoms (in real space and reciprocal space respectively)? Thanks!
  18. S

    Question on electron going from state 4 to ground state

    For question 1.32 of the attached pdf, I don't get how "there are six distinct steps that can be taken." Could someone please tell me what those are? I count 8 but I don't think I'm doing it correctly. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  19. R

    Processes that begin and end at the same state.

    Brain teaser! Considering a process that begins and ends in the same state, what would be the conditions that the net work would be constant for this process? The net heat transfer?
  20. R

    Combining equations of state & calculating phase equilibria from them

    N.B. lots of background data, so as to minimise the chance of annoying people with an under-defined question; please scroll to the last paragraph for the actual problem. I'm trying to write a computer model of a multiphase system using classical thermodynamics (I have no training in statistical...