1. Blaze

    Starting from scratch

    Hi, I'm new to Optic field, as a whole science field. I've been studying other (and almost 100% irrelevant) science fields in life, and through education and university. but found optics is just another interesting and attractive subject to my mind. have been reading online papers last...
  2. B

    Falling object force for starting lever

    I need help understanding how to calculate force from a falling object. I have a lever connected to a spring and I want to know the amount of force on the other end of the spring. If I have a model with a force F that pushes on the first end of the lever (the spring is attached to the other...
  3. M

    having trouble starting the problem

    Hi in doing some revision for fluid mechanics i have came across a difficult problem that i havent been able to start, any help would be greatly appreciated :) The steam power plant shown in the attached sheet operates on the Rankine cycle the details are as follows: Boiler pressure 100 bar...