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    Work HW Problem (Work done on block and spring system)

    Nevermind, solved! Thanks! This can be deleted.
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    Force Constant of Spring Need Help

    When a 0.850kg mass oscillates on an ideal spring, the frequency is 1.43Hz. What will the frequency be if 0.320Kg is added to the original mass and (b) subtracted from the original mass? Try to solve this problem without finding the force constant of the spring.
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    Compression of a Spring

    This problem is not clicking with me. A 1.50 box moves back and forth on a horizontal frictionless surface between two different springs, as shown in the accompanying figure. The box is initially pressed against the stronger spring, compressing it 4.00 , and then is released from rest...
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    Statics spring system question please help

    The problems 1.A very stiff horizontal bar, supported by four identical springs, as shown in the figure below, is subjected to a center load of 100N. What load is applied to each spring? 2.Repeat the previous problem, except assume that the horizontal bar as configured is not rigid and also has...
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    spring problem got answer but need help

    I got the answer but i dont know if i am right.... Question A 50.0-g hard-boiled egg moves on the end of a spring with force constant k = 25.0 N/rn. Its initial displacement is 0.300 m. A damping force F, = — be, acts on the egg, and the amplitude of the motion decreases to 0.100 m in 5.00 s...
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    Linear Momentum homework

    Physics is a b----
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    Masses coupled with a spring

    Hey there, We assume that the spring got no mass and there are no frictions. If you want to push just as hard on m1 that if you release m2 will be just about to leave the table? F > (m1 + m2) * g or F > m2 * g ? Im a bit confused, as m1 is already pushing on the string even if there is no...
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    Spring damper system

    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data I am asked to write down the equation of motion of m with respect to O, hence show that x(t) satisfies the differential equation. m\ddot{x}+r\dot{x}+kx=mg+kl_0+m\ddot{y} See attached diagram. 2. Relevant equations I have the force of...
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    Enegy question with a spring on an inclined plane (I get half of it right)

    Can someone please help me with this energy question? I get part (a) but am stuck on part (b). Question: http://i.imgur.com/bn9Sp.jpg My work: http://i.imgur.com/xUPt1.jpg Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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    spring problems

    a pinball machine launches a .141kg ball with a spring driven plunger. the game board is inclined at 7 degrees above the horizontal. find the force constant k of the spring that will give the ball a speed of 1.23m/s when the plunger is released from rest with the spring compressed .05m from its...
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    Spring Stiffness

    1. A mass of 8000g is suspended from a spring which oscillates with a time period of 1.2 seconds A) Determine the stiffness of the spring B) If the mass is then changed to 2.76kg determine the period of time. I have tried to use a formua which is T=2 x pi x the sqrt of...
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    Rigid body energy and spring

    hi, i'll be glad to get some help with that. thanks A thin uniform rod has mass M = 0.5 kg and length L= 0.55 m. It has a pivot at one end and is at rest on a compressed spring as shown in (A) in the attached image. The rod is released from an angle θ1= 63.0o, and moves through its horizontal...
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    Block and Spring Problem

    One of three blocks is attached to ceiling by a cord. Two others are connected by springs to the first block and to each other with coefficient k. What's the deformation of the springs? What's the tension in the cord? If the cord is cut, what's the acceleration of the blocks? I'm somewhat...
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    Spring Question

    Tell me if this question makes any sense. One block moving with velocity v_0 hits a system of two blocks at rest connected by an undeformed spring with spring constant k. Find the minimum distance between the blocks attached to the spring. All masses are of equal mass. I'm not quite sure what...
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    Block, plane and spring

    A block rests on an inclined plane. By using a pulley, the block is connected to a spring which pulls downwards with a gradually increasing force. Let U_k be the friction between the block and the plane. Determine the potential energy of the spring while the block starts to move. How to solve...
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    Block and spring

    A block with mass m rests on an inclined plane theta degrees over the horizontal. The block is joined to a spring of constant k. The coefficients of static and kinetic friction between the block and the plane are U_s and U_k. We slowly pull the spring upwards along the plane till the block...
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    Pulley, spring and a mass on an inclined plane

    Ok, this problem is giving some of my classmates trouble: A pulley has a radius R and moment of inertia I. One end of the mass m is connected to a spring of force constant k, and the other end is fastened to a cord wrapped around the pulley. They pulley axle and incline are frictionless. If...
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    spring distance

    A 25kg child bounces on a pogo stick. The pogo stick has a spring constant of 20,000 N/m. When the child makes a big bounce, she finds at the bottom of the bounce she is accelerating upward at 9.8 m/s^2. How much is the spring compressed? I used the formula F=kx and than sub ma in for F to...
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    Magnitude at maximum extension of a spring

    The period of oscillation of a spring-and-mass system is 0.50 s and the amplitude is 5.0 cm. What is the magnitude of the acceleration at the point of maximum extension of the spring? For this problem, F=ma. I was thinking you could somehow use T=2pi sq rt of m/k, since we already know T=0.05...
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    Work done by a spring

    A mass of 0.084 kg hangs from a vertical spring in the lab room. You pull down on the mass and throw it vertically downward. The speed of the mass just after leaving your hand is 4.60 m/s. (a) While the mass moves downward a distance of 0.08 m, how much work was done on the mass by the Earth...