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    Force/Velocity of a spring

    A spring with a force constant of 350 N/m is compressed 12 cm by a 3.0 kg mass. How fast is the mass moving after only 10 cm of the spring is released?
  2. B

    Dynamic Spring Rate formula

    Hi guys, I am trying to find a formula to calculate dynamic spring rate. Here is what I have to work with. Spring rate: 200# Static on the car: 1000# Spring travel: 3" Dynamic Load, car going through turns, 2200#
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    Kinetic Enery of a Spring?

    A cart attached to a spring vibrates with amplitude A. What fraction of the total energy of the cart-spring system is kinetic energy when the cart is at position x=A/2.0? K/(Utotal) = ? Express your answer using two significant figures. I have figured that the maximum kinetic energy...
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    Thermodynamics study of a vertical spring with a mass (Elastic penduluum)

    Hi, I have an elastic penduluum (light spring with a calorific capacity Cl, with a mass m attached on his lower end with a capacity C) attached in a cylindrical container on the upper side (a vertical elastic penduluum) , vacuum is in this cylinder . We have to compute the difference of his...
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    spring constant

    If a spring (which spring constant is k) is divided into m:n ratio, where 'm' is greater than 'n', what will be the value of spring constant for new springs?
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    Specific Heat of a nonlinear, temperature dependent spring

    Here is the problem: A nonlinear spring has a temperature dependent force law, F = -(K/T)(L-Lo)^3 At a temperature T = To and length L = Lo the specific heat at a constant length is CL = Co. What is the specific heat at T = To when the spring is stretched to length 2Lo? I am really not sure...
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    Is this spring elastic problem erroneous?

    1. Elastic potential energy in a spring is directly proportional to the square of the displacement of one end of the spring from its rest position while the other end remains fixed. If the elastic potential energy in the spring is 100J when it is compressed to half its rest length, what is its...
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    How to determine the energy stored in a spring

    Hi there! First of all, i would like to say special thanks to the admin to allow me being a part of this wonderful forum. It is my first post and i don't know much about the physics, just trying to learn. My question is I want to determine the energy stored in the spring in ft/pound. The spring...
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    spring weight noob problem

    i have two plates and between it their is leaf spring inside, and in top plate i have a 100lb weight if i put a scale that measures the weight in between the actual weight and the first plate would it be less than 100lb? would it be absorb by the leaf spring? this is stationary
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    mass spring system - plot trajectory

    Hello, I'm now working on a charge limiting system. I tried modeling it an easy way to be studied. A steel ball (mass "m") moves horizontaly at a continuous speed to the right. The ball has to pass over the obstacle (king of cam) which implies the compression of the spring (stiffness "k")...
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    Spring constant

    A 500 g glider sliding on friction-less track with speed 0.2 m/s hits spring bumper a max distance 0.5 cm before rebounding. What's the spring constant? So, I calculated the kinetic energy first: 0.5*0.5 kg*0.2 m/s= 0.05 J. Then calculated potential energy: 0.5 kg*9.8 m/s^2*0.005 m = 0.0245...
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    basic but tricky - a spring question

    sory for my english (and my phisics) in advance... a rock (with m=1.5) falls on a spring (k= 1.5x10^5, m= very small) the question is what is the force that the rock applies on the spring at maximum contraction... i think the only force a rock that falls can apply is mg - in the other...
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    spring jumping (with gravity)

    Hey all, I've a question about a spring's jump height. Basically, if I have a spring, with spring constant (ks), and it's standing upright, with a particle of mass (m). If I squash the spring to a length (ls); where the default rest length is (l), when I release the spring, how high will it...
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    spring design

    (Hi)i need help designing a compression spring. a load of 30kg has to be lifted 350mm i need assistance of 4 springs to lift at least 20kg at the end of the cycle the load should return back to its orignal position due to its own weight
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    Spring Fling Challenge

    Okay, so I need some help here, been at it all night, I attached a picture of the question. Thanks Alot!
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    Spring force question

    The spring constant of an automobile suspension spring increases with increasing load due to a spring coil that is widest at the bottom, smoothly tapering to a smaller diameter near the top. The result is a softer ride on normal road surfaces from the wider coils, but the car does not bottom out...
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    Spring Launcher ISP

    Hey there, well Im working on the Spring Launcher ISP and I have no idea where to begin :S Heres what he's given us so far: So I have to first write up a lab report before I can actually begin constructing the launcher. I have all the data but I don't know how the graph that I need should...
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    Spring Constant

    If the length of the Achilles tendon increases 0.50 cm when the force exerted on it by the muscle increases from 3200 N to 4800 N, what is the "spring constant" of the tendon? /\F= 3200 N /\X=0.50 cm converted into 0.0050 m K= 3200/0.0050 = 640 N/m??? Or am I working the problem wrong?
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    Spring with current passing through

    Hey folks, First time posting, so here it goes. I am working on what I believe may be an electromechanical coupling phenomena. I have a spring with 20 turns and has a length of 11mm. The diameter of the wire is 0.5mm. There is a current of 5A @1.8kHz running through it. The spring...
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    Spring force and distance

    I can't quite get a problem to come out correctly: A small block of mass 1.0 kg lies on a horizontal table. Ignore frictional forces. The block is pressed against a spring (ignore the mass of the spring), and the spring is compressed by 0.5 m. The spring constant is 100 N/m. The block is...