1. bravopipo

    Spring related problem, force time mass and displacement

    Hello, Kindly solve this problem for me, or at least give me the procedure of equation to use. I don't know how to begin because I have not found any relationship that relate spring constant to time. If you find the solution, give me numerical result. We have (see the picture): 1. A...
  2. R

    Block Spring System

    Please any help to solve this problem Thanks in advance
  3. V

    Harmonic motion with spring moving with constant speed

    A spring whose constant is $k$ has its left end joined to a mass $m$ while its other end is always moving whith constant speed $u$. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the mass and the horizontal surface is μ and the coefficient of static friction is 2μ. The mass can carry out harmonic...
  4. B

    Compression of spring with moving blocks

    Got another one, hope it isn't as big an oversight. block 1 follows block 2 on a frictionless surface. Block 2 has a spring attached behind it with spring constant=k=1100N/m. Block1-> m1=4kg v1=20m/s Block2-> m2=10.0kg v2=6m/s The collision between the two is totally inelastic. And...
  5. X

    Spring oscillation problem

    The questions reads: two masses oscillate on light springs. The second is half the first mass, with twice the spring constant of the first. Which system will have greater frequency, and what is the ratio of the frequency of the second mass to the first. I have T1=2pi x sq rt of m/k T2=2pi x...
  6. S

    Need help with a spring question

    A 60.5 kg woman is running at a 15.0 kg sled at a speed of 11.9 m/s. After she jumps on the sled, she travels down a 54.0 m long hill that is at an angle of 25.9° and the spring at the bottom compresses by 3.30 m. What is the spring constant of the spring? I'm not sure where to start with...
  7. B

    Dampened spring problem

    Trying to solve this problem but can't figure it out. I've tried using the energy equation to solve for the amplitude but there are to many unknowns to deal with. A mass on a spring oscillates in damped harmonic motion with initial amplitude 12.2 cm. After five complete oscillations, the...
  8. A

    Question about mass/spring system

    Using the energy method. What is the relation between δmax and δst? a) δmax = δst b) δmax = 1/2 δst c) δmax = 2 δst d) δmax = square(2) δst
  9. A

    Dynamic Spring Plunger System Help

    Hi all! I'm having trouble trying to mathematically model a dynamic system. I tried to draw the system up and write out the algebraic governing equations in the attachment. In short, a compressed spring is pushing on a syringe plunger, which is pushing a liquid through a small radius tube. I...
  10. V

    Work and Energy - spring

    Referring to Figure 2, the collar A (mass = 20 kg),is released from rest and slides down the rough rod (μ = 0.4), impacting the spring (k = 1.6 kN/m) after travelling a distance L of 0.5m. The rod is inclined at an angle θ = 60˚. Calculate, (i), the velocity of the collar at the moment of...
  11. T

    Stretched Spring & Block Problem

    A mass m=0.25kg that is attached to a spring with spring constant k=100 N/m is stretched 10cm to the right of its equilibrium position. After a time t=1s, the mass is how far from the equilibrium position? I am using the work of the spring and the kinetic energy of the block to solve this and...
  12. C

    Spring compression: Force vs Energy

    Hi, I'm trying to solve a problem with two different methods, but I can't seem to get to the same answer with both methods, I don't understand where I'm making a mistake. Here is the problem: A mass of 1 kg is resting on top of a spring in the vertical position. The spring's constant is of...
  13. S

    Spring Displacement Confusion

    Hi, I'm confused as to the difference between the spring stretch displacements in these two problems: 1. "In .75 s, a 7kg block is pulled through a distance of 4.0 m on a frictionless horizontal surface, starting from rest. The block has a constant acceleration and is pulled by means of...
  14. H

    Hooke's Law Spring Calc

    Hello Members, It's a pleasure to join your forum. I have a spring calc I'd like to present for consideration. Load on Springs: 242.25 MT (each cycle) Load Axis: linear, horizontal Number of Springs: 2 Spring.A Position: left end of linear shaft Spring.B Position: right end of...
  15. P

    Calculating period - Mass on a spring

    Hello all, I am writing a lab report for physics and I am wondering if my calculations are valid. I am to calculate the period of a mass on a spring and then to find out how the changing of that mass affects the period. The original formula I am meant to use is 'T = n/t', the number of...
  16. A

    Spring slowly lowered vs falling

    An object is attached to a vertical spring and slowly lowered to its equilibrium position, this stretches the spring a distance d. If the same object was permitted to fall instead through what maximum distance does the spring stretch? Right now I am thinking it is mg = kd so d=mg/k However, I...
  17. H

    Spring is stretched by l

    please, give me a tip Two objects with mass M and m are on a flat horizontal table. A horizontal spring with spring constant K is attached to the two objects as show in Fig If the system is released from rest when the spring is stretched by l, find the maximum velocity of the object with...
  18. S

    spring compression

    A 1.30 x 10^3 kg car is constructed on a plane supported by 4 springs, each spring has a spring constant of 2.00x10^4 N/M. if two people riding in the car have a combine mass of 1.60x10^2kg. find the frequency of vibration of the car when it is driven over a porthole on the road.
  19. C

    Deformation of a spring

    I am having a little trouble visualizing what is happening with a specific scenario regarding the full extension of a spring. The question is as follows: When the spring reaches an extension of 0.045m, the load on it is gradually reduced to zero. On the graph, sketch how the extension of...
  20. A

    Need help with spring constant experiment

    Hello everyone, I am doing an experiment titled 'mass on a spiral spring' in order to find the value for the acceleration due to gravity in the first part of this experiment, I just measured the oscillation period of a spring as a suspended mass and plotted these results onto a graph to find...