1. A

    Is neutron the key to solving the mystery of theory of everything?

    This post is not an ads for my book (book title has been deleted for good faith). This post is just to challenge your brain to look again at the facts of the physics world. The book, in the form of a sci-fi story, tries to focus the reader on the intellectual challenge about the atom. The...
  2. D

    I'm having trouble solving this Dynamics problem

    R=3m Vo=1.5 m\s epsilon=0.5 rad\s^2 omega=2 rad\s I need to find the Absolute Velocity when the person walks to the end of the circle (radius)
  3. A

    solving heat PDE using FFCT

    the problem is solve the following heat problem using FFCT: A metal bar of length L, is at constant temperature of U_0, at t=0 the end x=L is suddenly given the constant temperature of U_1 and the end x=0 is insulated. Assuming that the surface of the bar is insulated, find the temperature at...
  4. J

    Need help solving this task

    4m long reservoir is moving with constant acceleration of 0.5ms^(-2) from right to left. For what value is the level of a liquid higher on right end in relation to left end of the reservoir? Also, there are answers given: a) 1m b) 0,2m c) 0,1m d) 0,4m e) 0,25m Can someone please...
  5. A

    Need help in solving this electromagnetics question

    We have dielectric layer stack shown in the following. It contains 20 periods. Calculate the transmission and reflection coefficients. Plot them as a function of wavelength of the input E/M wave. Also identify where the maximum transmission occurs
  6. L

    Solving oscillation-related problems using energy

    I am very much interested in how exactly can one solve harmonic oscillation-problems using solely the KE - PE approach. I am a high-school student, so a little in-depth explanation will very much be appreciated. There seems to be great potential in solving such problems by finding the mass- and...
  7. K

    Solving Schrodinger Equation in V(x)=x^4 in C++

    I have been solving(get the Zeros and Energy Eigen values) Time Independent Schrodinger Equation (where, 2m/h^2=1) for V(x)=x^4 for Real values. Where the Real x values are x = (E)^(1/4) and x = -(E)^(1/4) My Visual Stdio 2010 C++ code for the third exited state is here, // X4.cpp : Defines...
  8. muon321

    Solving Dirac equation!

    How do I go about solving the Dirac equation?
  9. A

    Can please give me the idea for solving there quetions

    Can please give me the idea for solving there questions
  10. L

    Need help solving a problem

    My bf has been trying to figure out question B and needs guidance
  11. Y

    Please verify my work and help solving the intrgration on retarded potential problem.

    This is not a home work, I actually make this problem up and work on it. I want to verify whether I am correct in the step and I need help to solve the final integration. The question is: Given a plastic circular ring radius = a with line charge density glued on it. The charge density...
  12. B

    Help solving a sample final? (will pay $)

    Hello fellow electromagnetic enthusiasts! In preparation for my final exam in electromagnetics we were given a sample final which I've completed, however I have no answers to verify my methods or processes are correct. I was wondering if anyone out there would consider helping by providing...
  13. M

    Solving van't Hoff equation in terms of dH?

    Can anyone help me express the Van't Hoff equation in terms of delta H? I know this is probably really simple, but I just can't seem to solve it in terms of delta H.
  14. Z

    Help solving dopplers shift equation

    how do i solve for (v/c)? i'm guessing its some simple factoring step. but i don't see it. 1.667 = (1 + (v/c)) / (1 - (v/c)) note: 1.667 is just a constant. thanks
  15. M

    Elastic and inelastic collision problem solving 2

    A 1000-kg car traveling east at a speed of 15 m/s has a head-on collision with a 4000-kg truck traveling west at 10m/s.If the vehicles are locked together after the collision,what is their final velocity?
  16. M

    Elastic and inelastic collision problem solving

    Question A luzary car with a mass of 1800Kg stopped at a traffic light is struck from the rear by a car with a mass of 900kg.The two cars become entangled as a result of the collision. If the car was moving at 20m/s before the collision ,what will be the velocity of the...
  17. S

    Solving A Problem

    A worker for a moving company places a 250kg trunk on a peice of carpeting and slides it across the floor by exerting a horizontal force of 425N on the trunk. If another 50 kg trunk was placed on top of the 250kg trunk what horizontal force must be applied to move the combination of two trunks...
  18. H

    Solving Simulataneous equations derived from 2d Concurrent Forces

    Hey Guys, After analysing a 2d Concurrent Force system I have found the 2 following equations. The question asks to find the value of x and I am unsure of what is the simpliest, hassle free method to do this. The question is posed in an assignment, however no working is required and use of a...
  19. P

    Physics online tests for problem solving

    Please tell me free online test sites for physics problem soliving to help in studing process for preparation for IIT-JEE examination.
  20. B

    Solving equation for an exponent

    This is actually a math problem, but it's useful in chemical physics. I can't remember how to solve an equation of the following form: ln(a^x) = ln(b^x) I want to solve this for x where a and b are both real numbers. I know I can manipulate the logarithm to write: xln(a) = xln(b) But this...