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    Finding area of solar collector

    Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me with this question: The total electric generating capacity of Canada is 81GW. What is the area (in km^2) of horizontal photovoltaic solar collector that could satisfy this need? Note the average insolation on a horizontal surface is 4.8kWh/m^2 for a...
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    Solar Energy Conversion at Night

    This is a fun thought experiment; Why not have space based mirrors to reflect light down to earth at night to make solar do a little extra generating! The cost of solar is coming down and the cost of lifting things into orbit is coming down, so why not. Plus gold is very reflective, light weight...
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    Solar energy to mechanical energy transformation

    I have an experiment to transfer solar energy to mechanical energy. First of all is a cone inspired by an axis. On the cone are two tiny cups of water. The whole system is put close to the glass in the room to get sunlight and avoid affection of wind Then, there will be interaction...
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    Heat pipe solar collector modelling

    I am an engineering student reading for an M.Sc. degree by research. As part of my studies, I am working on a project which regards data monitoring and control of solar cooling systems for industrial wine production. The project deals with two different, independent cooling systems. One...
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    Solar water heating system

    Hi, I want to size the area of collectors that I would need to heat water in the boiler ( 100liter ) up to 80 degrees celcius. How should I approach this. Especially I have trouble in finding the power a solar collector can deliver to the boiler. Maybe I should just use average numbers ...
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    Coherent solar concentrator

    Attached is a diagram for an idea to produce a coherent beam (somewhat similar to a laser) from sunlight. A paraboloid takes parallel rays and reflects them so that they concentrate and pass though a single point. It can also do the opposite, taking a set of rays from a single point and...
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    Albedo and Solar Flux

    If the albedo in your town is 0.5. What is the reflective solar flux at the same time?
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    Solar Cell Problem

    Q. In Toronto, solar flux varies from 46 W/m^2 in November to 253 W/m^2 in June; these figures are 24 hour averages. If you cover your roof with Si solar cells of 10% efficiency, how much power will your generate? What is the oil equivalent of one week of energy from the cells? I have no idea...
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    Solar Panels Help

    I have this problem that I can't figure out, it's regarding solar panels and power. And help on how to do this would be appreciated! Thank you At a certain location, the solar power per unit area reaching the Earth's surface is 180 W/m2 averaged over a 24-hour day. Suppose you live in a...
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    Kender Solar Engine

    Dear Forum, I have run across a very interesting machine that I was wondering if someone could comment on. It is a version of the Sterling Engine, that uses a turbine instead of a piston. Supposedly, they are close to a finished product that will "revolutionize energy production". Here is a...
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    building H-alpha solar filter

    Hi I plan to build coronagraph and i want to use h- alpha filter for it but it is expensive then I try to build one.Therefor I need some information about it ????
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    solar power

    solar power roughly equivalent to the light from ten 100 watt light bulbs falls on each swuare meter of EArth's surface. using the fact that earth is 1.5 x 10^10 m from the sun, and that the sun radiates energy equally in all directions, estimate how many 100 watt light bulbs are equivalent to...