1. Chemist116

    Physics Software Recommendation on computer assisted software for drawing motion and vectors

    Hello. I'm new to this forum. I'm looking for a recommendation on a software that is preferably free or open source that can be used to replicate a diagram similar to the picture from below. I know that there are some applications web based on different sites like geogebra but for my...
  2. Z

    EES - Thermodynamics software

    Hi guys, I'm studiying mechanical engineering and i have a problem with writing this program in the EES software. I don't know how to write (solve) a task. Here is the problem: The fluid is STEAM , P= const., temperature1 = 35 C, entropy1 = 7,5 kJ/kgK and X2 = 0,2 (quality). Need to...
  3. P

    Physics Software The Software on the smart phone

    The software control hardware by physics.=There is no atomic bomb(logical jump). So we can use 'file' on smart phone someday. We need to make it for security problem and information on the phone.
  4. D

    Physics Software Physion - 2D Physics Simulation

    Hello, Physion is a 2D Physics simulation software. It is 100% free and its available both for windows and linux. Please visit Physion - Physics Simulation Software to learn more and download it. Some Videos: YouTube - Physion - General Usage Tutorial YouTube - Physion - Engine...