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    Homework regarding relation between friction and velocity/acceleration. Just need my

    Hi there. Our teacher gave us a table related to friction and velocity/acceleration. It basically gives a single scenario, and we're required to figure out which force is stronger (pulling force vs. friction) and which direction the object will go (left, right, up the slope, down the slope)...
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    maximum deflection / slope of beam

    For part a ) , my ans is EI(d2y/dx2) = - Px For part b) , my ans is EI(dy/dx) = -P(x^2)/2 +c1 EIy = -P(x^3)/6 +c1x +c2 at x= 0 , y = 0 , so c2 = 0 , at x = 0 , dy/dx = 0 , so c1 = 0 , so , EIy = -P(x^3)/6 , so , EIy max occur at L=3 , so EIy max = -10(3^3) / 6 = -45 , but the ans is EIy...
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    Mechanics Problem (objects on a slope + momentum and velocity)

    Hi guys. I'll make this as brief as I can. Attached is the problems I'm struggling with, and my attempt at an answer. I know it looks quite sloppy, but I've done several more pages in the past few hours and I'm essentially no further forward; attached pics are as far as I've gotten. Would...
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    Friction coefficient and slope

    I have problem with determining the friction coefficient. On the slope the weight of an object is divided into components: the force parallel to the slope and the force perpendicular to the slope. Force of friction is equal to the friction coefficient times the perpendicular force and force that...
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    Average Velocity and Angle of Inclination of a Slope

    What is the relationship between a ball rolling down a slope (ramp) and its average velocity. I know we are supposed to use: v^2 = ut + at/2 and F = mgsin(degree). But assume initial velocity is zero. Also if I do an experiment and I get results (make a graph between average velocity and...
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    Particle at the bottom of a frictionless slope

    Hi all, I've been tinkering with this problem, and while it might just be very easy, I'm stuck on it. Here it is: If I have a particle at the bottom of a frictionless slope (with an initial velocity). I have set distance (d). What gradient, or angle would result in the particle coming to a...
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    Work along a slope

    Is less work done when a body is rolled along a slope than when it is pulled vertically upward?If so can you please explain?
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    The Slope of a Normal Force vs Applied Force Graph

    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data An experiment was conducted where a slider with different mass combination is placed on a board. A newton spring scale is attached to the slider and is pulled horizontally and parallel to the board such that the slider moves at a...
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    How to find slope for points not given

    Not sure if that made sense, but for this question I was given the following data points to graph Time Distance 2 5 2.9 10 3.9 20 4.7 30 And...
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    How does the mass of a trolley affect its acceleration going down a slope?

    Hello all, I'm new here :) I did an experiment in Physics class (I'm in high school, 10th grade) involving mass and acceleration. I took a trolley, let it roll down a ramp, and measured its acceleration. I changed the mass of the trolley on every trial and on every trial, measured its...
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    Pulley on a slope.

    I have the following question to answer. Can anyone please help. A box of mass 150kg rests on a slope that is inclined to the horizontal by 35 degrees. The box is restrained so that it cannot slide down the incline but is free to move up the incline. At the top of the incline a pulley is...
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    Slope and friction Friction

    I am unable to solve this question A small block of mass m rests on a rough, sloping slide of a triangular block of mass M which itselfs rests on a horizontal frictionless table(as shown in attached pic) IF the coefficient if static friction is U, determine the minimum horizontal force F...
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    Book sliding on a slope (With my full attempt)

    The 3.25 kg physics book shown is connected by a string to a 472.0 g coffee cup. The book is given a push up the slope and released with a speed of 3.79 m/s. The coefficients of friction are μs = 0.595 and μk = 0.241. What is the acceleration of the book if the slope is inclined at 29.5°? MY...
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    Work done on a slope

    I have yet another problem that I cannot solve and I'm hoping that you'll be able to help me. It goes like this: The anwser that they got was 25J; I didn't even manage to get an anwser. :(
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    Limiting Slope of 2nd order polynomial

    Hi All I have some experimental data of CO2 solubility at different pressures. I need to find the Henry's constant (H=P/x) from this data by fitting a second-order polynomial to the data and calculating the limiting slope as the pressure (or solubility) approaches zero. Now I have come up...
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    Physics - friction up a slope

    Problem: Lindsey's car is driving up a hill when her book bag, which she forgot on the roof, falls off. The bag has a mass of 19kg and slides up the hill 60 meters from its initial speed of 20m/s to rest. If the hill climbs at an angle of 30 degrees then what was the coefficient of friction? My...
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    Time it takes a ball to roll down a slope. Gravity.

    The value of gravity on the moon is one sixth what it is on earth. If a ball was rolled down a slope would it take the ball more, less, or equal time to roll to the bottom as compared to on earth?
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    inclined slope, b degrees

    as in the diagram below, mass m1 is placed above mass m2 on a sloped incline with an angle of b degrees. the frictional coefficient between the two masses is C1 and the coeficient between mass 2 and the slope is C2. find the acceleration of the masses. Picasa Web Albums - Devan - Drop Box after...