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    Calculating wavelength of a 2D grating (different distances between slits)

    For my report I need a formula to calculate the wavelength with a multiple slit experiment. I have found: d sin(\theta) = m \lambda. However, for the experiment a two dimensional grating is used. The distance between the vertical slits are not the same as the distance between the horizontal...
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    Double slits experiment with one or two detectors

    Does it matter if there is a detector in every of the two splits, or just in one of them? Will there be any difference? I wonder if I asked the question correctly. I mean will the result of the experiment be different if we stick a detector only in one slit, and the other slit will be undetected.
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    BELOW I showing Ytube ( It was my inspiration to this post ) Dr. Quantum~Quantum Weirdness! Important fragment ( please make pause 4:08 ) MY OWN...