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    Can combining invisible EM waves, together as a single intertwined ray, make the beam

    Can combining invisible EM waves, together as a single intertwined ray, make the beams become EM waves that get absorbed by electrons, and? - change from waves that traverse solid matter. Like if you mixed radio, X-rays, and gamma waves together, would they become waves that get absorbed by...
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    Quantum probability waves through single slit.

    I have thought much about Young's double slit experiment and how wave interference happens and fringes appear on a screen parallel to the slit barrier. However, I am not clear on the interpretation of the case when a single slit is open (the other being covered up). There should still be the...
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    What is the frequency of a single photon?

    What frequency means for a single photon?
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    Intensity of single slit and double slit

    For a double slit experiemnt, the bright fringe has intensity of I, when one of the slit is covered, the intensity is 0.25I. In my opinion, the slit now become single slit, so it has area of half of the initial area, but we know that power is the product of intensity x area, by keeping the...
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    Conductance broadening of Single quantum dots

    Hey Im reading and article, where the electron temperature is determined from the width of the single quantum dot conductance broadening. But im wondering, should´nt it also be broadened by the coupling? And can you just assume that this broadening is neglible. I mean, what is the energy scale...
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    Single Electron Interference Experiment

    In the two well referenced experiments [1, 2] that claimed to have observed double slit interference pattern of SINGLE electron, the central claim is that there could not have been more than ONE electron present at the same time in the apparatus (or such probability is negligible). However...
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    Calculating the effect of a single force vector on multiple points

    To preface this, I have never taken physics, and I am a Computer Science student faced with a problem. My problem is as follows: Create a grid of triangles to represent fabric. Each point on the grid is connected by a "spring" to six other points. To start the effect of a swinging force on...
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    single slit diffraction

    What happens to the distance between fringes as the width of the single slit become larger? Does the distance between fringes increases? What happens to the centre bright fringe? Does it become larger with an increasing single slit width? My hunch is: Increasing the width increases the size of...
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    What double slit maximum is closest to the 2nd single slit secondary maximum

    A monochromatic light incident on a double slit. lamda= 577nm, d=228 micrometers, L=4.8 meters, slit width a= 37.2 micrometers, and y=15.0cm for 2nd single slit minimum. Note: DS - Double Slit SS - Single Slit - One question asked to find how many DS maximums lie within the 2nd SS...
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    Single slit problem

    Monochromatic light passing through a single slit of width a=0.10mm creates a diffraction pattern on a screen 50 cm from the lists. Consider the Point P at the second minimum lying 0.5cm above the central maximum a) At what angle, theta, is light traveling relative to the horizontal at this...