1. C

    Showing lim of v is c when constant F accelerates particle

    Problem from textbook reads: "A particle with mass m accelerated from rest by a constant force F will, according to Newtonian mechanics, continue to accelerate without bound. That is, as t goes to infinity, v goes to infinity. Show that, according to relativistic mechanics, the particle's speed...
  2. SnowLeopard

    My Signature is not showing in LaTeX.

    I have written this in my Signature but the code is showing as usual not transformed. $ {\colorbox{blue}{\colorbox{green}{\ Snow-Leopard}}}} $
  3. E

    Curve showing the dependence of instantaneous speed upon time

    i have 5 exercises in my homework and i've done the rest except for this one. i don't understand the question (Crying)