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    How to set specific vibration frequency within crystal?

    I would like to know on how to set specific vibration frequency within crystal, does anyone have any suggestions on what is required and how to do it? Thanks in advance for any suggestions
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    Word Problem set up

    Hello, having a hard time setting up this problem. The pressure and temp of 6 kg of an ideal gas are each doubled when undergoing an unspecified non flow process. If the molecular weight of the gas is 34 and its k value is 1.3, question 1 the change of entropy for this process in kJ/K...
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    Is this set up like this?

    A car thats m = 1700kg is parked on a road that rises 15 degrees above the horizontal. What are the magnitudes of A) the normal force and B) the static frictional force that the ground exerts on the tires?? For my FBD I put M at 270 degrees of 1700 kg, then for the 15 degrees angle up from...
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    lens questions about focusing light coming in from different angles to one set angle

    Hi, I was wondering if there is a coating or a lens that can focus light coming in from all different angles to a certain angle when it leaves the lens. Basically it would straighten all light coming in from all different, random angles to one set angle without diminishing the incoming...
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    [SOLVED] Error analysis, how to set up problem

    \frac {\sigma_z}{z} = \frac {\sigma_x}{x} + \frac {\sigma_y}{y} For z=x+y where x=30cm +/- 5cm and y=40cm +/- 8cm I don't understand what to do here. How does this get set up? How do I do the z, x, and y parts? Do I need to do it 2x, once for + and another for -?