1. N

    scattering from a dipole born approximation

    So I am trying to understand and solve the problem mentioned in the title.I found a solution online: The problem is, I can't understand this step: I relly can't find out how...
  2. N

    Compton scattering

    Hello, I have a problem with demonstrating a relation in a Compton scattering exercise: A low energy photon collides with an electron at rest. After the shock, the photon is backscattered. It is supposed that the energy of the photon is very small compared with the energy of the electron at...
  3. L

    Mie scattering with quantum physics

    Hi, I have to make a work about what are the major components of Mie scattering from a quantum physics point of view. Unfortunately, from the research I did I only came up with how Mie scattering can be derived from the Maxwell equations. I must probably using the wrong research words, and I was...
  4. kelsiu

    Quesitons about scattering of light

    I have several questions about the scattering of light. Air molecules scatter sunlight and makes the sky blue, many books say that the air molecules are oscillated by E field and so they becomes sources of EM wave. Is it because the air molecules have charges? I wonder if air molecules or...
  5. S

    Raman Scattering

    What is Raman Scattering ? What is the difference between Raman Scattering and Brillouin Scattering ?
  6. K

    compton scattering

    A photon undergoing Compton scattering has an energy of 80 keV (1 keV = 1000 eV),after scattering, and the electron recoils with an energy of 25 keV. ( 25 kev here mean the kinetic energy of scattered electron) (a) Find the wavelength of the incident photon. (b) Find the angle at which the...
  7. D

    Dissipation versus scattering

    Hey, was wondering if someone here might confirm or correct me on this. Absorption spectra. If I point a spectrograph at a clear sky, the way I understand it, the missing wavelengths are due to those photon being absorbed by the molecules in the atmosphere after which the energy is dissipated...
  8. J

    Temperature depence of the spin flip scattering length?

    Hey Im working with Spin valves at the moment. And im wondering if magnetoresistiance can be measured at room temperature? It should be possible, if the spin flip scattering length is´nt too small. Does anyone know the temperature depence of the spin flip scattering length
  9. P

    X-ray scattering Why is it that the content in the brackets is zero? And how about this? I don't understand why the brackets are 4. And finally this one...
  10. H

    Radar/EM Wave Queries (reflection and scattering)... [HELP!]

    Hey, I'm writing a report on applications of radar at the moment and just have a few tasty questions about radar/EM wave propagation... Firstly, I understand that active radar relies on radio waves scattering off bodies with differing properties of conductivity/dielectric constant (metals...
  11. L

    Raleigh scattering?

    Simple question. Can diffraction be explained as a result of Raleigh scattering? Can you explain how sort of. Thank you.
  12. A

    em field scattering

    Hello! (Hi) When EM field hits a dielectric object . Does it changes the EM field polarization?(Sweating)..... i mean the diffracted/reflected and transmitted field would be different from that of incident one.(Nerd) Cheers!(Smile)
  13. J

    Relativistic scattering

    a) a proton of total energy E collides elastically with a second proton at rest in the lab. After the collision the two protons follow trajectories which are set symmetrically at angles +- phi/2 to the direction of the incident particle. Consider the motion of the particles in the lab frame and...