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    Finding new Reynold's Number (Re) with decrease and increases in percentages

    This is the OG question: "A small hose in a machine carries a viscous fluid. When the machine is first turned on the fluid flows through the hose and the Reynold's number is 1800. As it warms up, there is a reduction of the density of the fluid of 1.61%, a reduction in the viscosity of...
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    viscosity and Reynold

    When velocity of the liquid is less than the critical velocity, then the flow of the liquid is mainly governed by viscosity. When the velocity is greater than critical velocity, it is mainly governed by density not viscosity. How is this true? How Sir Reynold concluded it? plz someone...
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    Reynold's Theorem in One Dimensional Space

    I'de be grateful for a URL to a proof of the Reynold's Transport Theorem reduced to one dimensional space. Must be a one dimensional representation no hand-waving explanation. Where is this written, I wonder? Thank ye, M'boys... JP
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    Reynold number and thickness of viscous layer

    why as the velocity increases , the thickness of the viscous sublayer will also increase ? i know only that when velocity increases , the Reynoldf number increses . How to relate viscous sublayer thickness with the Reynold number?
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    reynold number formula

    can someone explain why the force of inertia is ρ(V^2)(L^2) , while the viscous force is μVL ?
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    Reynold number & complete turbulence

    why the author gave that the complete turbulenece is indpendent on the Reynold number ? For the turbulence to occur , the Reynold number must be higher than certain value , am i right . So , IMO , turbulenet is dependent on the Reynold number
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    Reynold Number

    Why the notes gave that the entry length in turbulent flow less dependent on the Reynold number in the second photo ? What does it mean ?