1. H

    What is the current based on the graph?

    The graph is current produced when the certain light bulb connected to voltage. When V = 12Volt, current = 3.5 A So the R for light bulb = 3.5 ohm Now, that certain light bulb connected to 5ohm resistor and voltage 12 V. I guess that Power consumed by the light bulb is P. P = I^2R = V^2/R =...
  2. M

    calculate the temperature due to Power loss over a res.

    Hi All, Having the following problem I am trying to solve I am an electronics guy some of e physics eludes me in my calc. Here goes.... I am supplying 125Vac into a R which is a 20kohm resistor where I have a 12V zener in series to GND. P_loss = (125Vac - 5V)^2 / R P_loss = 0.72W So lets...
  3. kelsiu

    Charge accumulated at two ends of resistor/inductor?

    In a simple circuit are there any charges accumulated at two ends of resistor? There is an conservative and thus electrostatic electric field and potential difference across the resistor. It seems it is only possible if positive and negative charges are accumulated at two ends to provide the...
  4. F

    Voltage across a resistor

    Hi everyone. My brain has currently deserted me and i cant for the life of me think of the answer to this question. Any help would be amazing. Thanks! The voltage V(t) (in volts) across a resistor in an electrical circuit at any given time t (in seconds) is given by SQRT something to the...
  5. V

    power expended in the resistor

    In the circuit shown, let E0 = 12 V, R = 6 Ω, and L = 0.5 H. The switch is closed at time t = 0. At time t = 4 s, what is the power being expended in the resistor
  6. T

    current in a resistor and potential difference

    In the circuit of figure p28.23, determine the current in each resistor and the potential difference across the 200 ohms resistor. 1/Req= 1/R1+1/R2+1/R3+1/R4 I=deltaV/R deltaV= IR Req=1/(1/200ohms +1/80ohms+ 1/20ohms+ 1/70ohms)= 12.22 ohms...
  7. A

    Heating water through a resistor

    An electrical heating coil is connected in series with a resistance of Xohm across the 240V mains, the coil being immersed in a kilogram of water at 20 degrees Celsius. The temperature of the water rises to the boiling point in 10 minutes. when a second experiment is made with the resistance X...
  8. H

    Maximum safe power of a resistor

    All right this problem has been giving me a lot of trouble (Sweating) Here it is Determine the maximum safe power in each of three 150 ohm, 5 watt resistors connected in series.