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    I'd like to make a request of my friends here. I have no wish or desire to push my views on others. But when it comes to choices in definitions I think we need to be clear. Also, if someone thinks I made a boo boo then I hope you challenge me to prove what I say rather than merely claim that...
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    Physics Software Google makes mathematical research platform available on request

    I found out about on social media. Apparently free to early sign ups. I signed up and moments later I got an email granting access to their Jupyter collaboration notebooks. Has a lot of examples online. The "selling" point is that...
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    kindly request

    Maybe a little to easy but Which one of these statements is true? The frequency of a sine wave is determined by coil in the generator and turns the coil makes. The frequency is determined by charge that completes one cycle leaving its original location and returning. Period of em wave is...