1. GatheringKnowledge

    Fractal Universe - 5D Space-Time: Frequency Of Cycles In Dimensional Scale

    I've promised to make a thread about this part of my theory - so here it is... I have to begin with a story, that happened to me on a different scientific forum and which might explain my feelings regarding the current state of mainstream science. You need to know, that around 2 years ago, just...
  2. D

    relativity and accelerating BBs

    Scenario: There are three inertial reference frames: F0, F1 and F2. F1 is moving along the x-axis in the negative x direction with respect to F0 with a speed V = sqrt(3)/2*c. F2 is moving along the x-axis in the positive x direction with respect to F0 with a speed V = sqrt(3)/2*c...
  3. N

    Need some help on relativity questions please!

    I am having hard time grasping the ideas of modern physics. I guess, I am not prepared for this class. Can someone look over the questions I solved so far? Also, I need some help on questions 4 and 5 too. I will be dropping off this class and take it next semester, if I didn't do these...
  4. D

    Special Relativity - Twisted contradiction?

    Can anyone explain how relativity works in the following scenario? There are two inertial reference frames, the rest frame F0 and the moving frame F1. They have a velocity V along the x-axis. In the rest frame F0 there is a long cylinder of length L along the x-axis. Let's call the top of...
  5. F

    Einstein Errors?

    Hi, it's been a while since i started working on Einstein Special Relativity theory and I found it to have errors. I'm writing here with the hope that somebody can tell me if I'm wrong or if I'm right confirm with me that this theory steps are wrong. Error I found are on simple formulas and...
  6. R

    Relativity: What conditions define a spacetime path

    I'm a vagabond without a forum. I've been exploring a question about special relativity for years but have now only started peddling it from forum to forum hoping someone knows the answer and can answer my specific questions to his answer. So far I've found 2 knowledgeable people but no...
  7. L

    Special relativity question

    This confuses me. According to the examples often used in introductory special relativity theory books, if a spaceship leaves the earth and travels towards a far distant galaxy at near the speed of light. Then turns around and returns to Earth, perhaps 10 years will have passed for the traveler...
  8. Z


    If it's a matter of not enough time. = there's an obvious opportunity for a piece of technology to allow us to communicate through the timeline (future to past, observable from the future from the present). Einstein said time is relative; from different frames of reference, one to the next...
  9. J

    Problem with different reference frames - special relativity

    I have the following conditions: A plane with length L in its own rest frame moves with constant velocity with respect to the inertial system S. The inertial system of the plane is called S'. Two flight attendants A and B start simultaneously from the middle of the plane and move with constant...
  10. L

    Introductory Special Relativity book theory question

    According to the examples often used in introductory special relativity theory books, if a spaceship leaves the earth and travels towards a far distant galaxy at near the speed of light. Then turns around and returns to Earth, perhaps 10 years will have passed for the traveler and perhaps 1000...
  11. P

    Time line as relativity

    When rocket fly from the start point and meet the start point again as line, this means one term of time is ended. And when rocket move straight line forward, rocket can never meet the start point again. But when the rocket move forward straight line and backward straight line, it is the fast...
  12. L

    What does "Solutions" mean for Maxwell & Einstein Equations?

    What does "Solutions" mean for Maxwell & Einstein Equations? I am a retired engineer studying (not in school) Maxwell's and Einstein's work at a beginner level. The concept of "solutions" to their equations comes up from time to time, and this puzzles me. So I ask: What does it mean to have a...
  13. P

    Number philosophy(One relativity)

    Number can mean perfect logic for just nature. But number also is for philosophy as logic and letter, together. So number and philosophy mean the same. And I take monism for philosophy, so everything is one. Number is not question relativity for philosophy as it has it. So relativity can be one.
  14. S

    General Relativity and the Principle of Reversibilty of Light.

    Does GR imply that the Principle of Reversibiltiy of Light does not hold in our universe?
  15. P

    Who was it that said relativity ...

    Who was it that said relativity is only a theory and has never been proven ... something like that. It was a famous politician like Ronald Reagan or Dan Quayle.
  16. avito009

    Gravity explained in general relativity by me.

    The logic behind general relativity is more simpler than you think it is. When you throw an object in air vertically the object falls down and the path if you observe is a straight line and there is no force needed in order to travel at constant acceleration which is 9.8 m/s^2 in a straight...
  17. avito009

    Inertial force depends on mass in general relativity as well as classical mechanics.

    PMB can you explain your analysis as to why you said that inertial force does not depend on mass. Einstein mentions that spacetime warps around massive objects and the more heavy an object is the more spacetime is warped meaning more gravity. Now even though gravity depends on mass in general...
  18. K

    Would someone like to peer review my relativity?

    I made a geogebra thingy to try and illustrate time dilation. Hopefully this link will work: This has a slider v but you need to scroll about half way down to see it. It was supposed to represent velocity but because I got confused about the time axis...
  19. S

    Process linked to gravity affecting mass-energy

    Please, better see v2 pdf file attached to message posted june 20 ABSTRACT The proposal assumes that the distortion of space-time due to relative velocity (Special Relativity), and the distortion of space-time produced by gravitational fields (General Relativity) are linked to changes of state...
  20. F

    Three surprising effects following The Postulates of Special Relativity

    What Three Surprising Effects Follow Immedietly The Postulates of Special Relativity I'm just wondering if anyone can help out here. I know the two postulates as set out by Einstein but just unsure of the 3 surprising effects.