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    Mechanics II: Hamiltonian and Lagrangian of a relativistic free particle

    The Problem: I am given the Hamiltonian of the relativistic free particle. H(q,p)=sqrt(p^2c^2+m^2c^4) Assume c=1 1: Find Ham-1 and Ham-2 for m=0 2: Show L(q,q(dot))=-m*sqrt(1-(q(dot))^2/c^2) 3: Consider m=0, what does it mean? Equations Used: Ham-1: q(dot)=dH/dp Ham-2: p(dot)=-dH/dq...
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    Am I doomed to never understand the relativistic rotating disk?

    Ok, I am really out of my depth here so I am wondering whether I can get any mileage with this with just flat minkowski space with uniformly rotating polar co-ordinates and some vector calculus and linear algebra? (I'm really not good with tensors). Is it worth me trying to understand some...
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    Relativistic VS Classic

    I SPEAK HERE ABOUT CLASSICAL MECHANICA I can not Understand below rules BELOW FACTS WE SPEAK ABOUT FORCE ( EM RADIATION PREASURE) James Clerk Maxwell, in 1861–64, published his theory of electromagnetic fields and radiation, which shows that light has momentum and thus can exert...
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    Momentum and KE: relativistic vs classical

    I have the following question in physics that i can't quite get the answer for and was hoping someone could explain the method. and electron and proton are each accelerated through a potential difference of X volts. Find the momentum in MeV/c and kinetic energy of each. Compare these results...
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    thermal physics probability density question

    Consider two one-dimensional relativisitic, massless, ideal-gas particles confined to a one-dimensional box of length L. Because they are relativistic, their energies are given by EA = |pA|c and EB = |pB|c. Assume that the particles are in thermal equilibrium with each other, and that the total...
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    Relativistic Mass

    How many of you are aware of the debate that has been going on over the last few decades regarding the concept of relativistic mass? This is usually simply called "mass" in those texts and articles which utilize the concept. This is the velocity dependant mass that I’m sure you’ve heard about...
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    Relativistic Speed Question

    13. Superman was on a distant vacation to a star that is placed in suspended animation for the journey. Superman's clock recorded that he aged 15 years but the trip had lasted 132 years relative to Earth. How fast was Superman traveling? (Punch)
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    relativistic confusion

    A lighthouse and a spaceship have synchronized clocks and are separated by a distance d. At t = 0, a beam is directed towards the spaceship and is received by it at t = T1. If the same thing is repeated except that at t = 0, the spaceship starts moving away from the lighthouse with a velocity v...
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    Laser tag on a relativistic train!

    Two people are playing laser tag on top a train moving at .99c to your left relative to you, the observer and judge of their game. The game is won when the judge (you) sees the laser from one player's gun hits the other player's vest. From the frame of the train, the players are standing 100m...
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    Relativistic scattering

    a) a proton of total energy E collides elastically with a second proton at rest in the lab. After the collision the two protons follow trajectories which are set symmetrically at angles +- phi/2 to the direction of the incident particle. Consider the motion of the particles in the lab frame and...
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    relativistic timing

    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data A member of a colony on Jupiter is required to salute the UN flag at the same time as it is being done on Earth at noon in New York. If observers in all inertial frames(i.e. any observer traveling at any arbitrary velocity) are to...
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    relativistic energy problem

    *7. In a particle accelerator, an electron with a relativistic energy of 25 GeV (as measured 1 by an observer at rest relative to the accelerator) collides head on with a proton with a relativistic energy of 800 GeV (as measured by an observer at rest relative to the accelerator). Note that 1...
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    relativistic train homework problem

    Hi, I just started learning about relativity and I am having a little problem still understanding all the concepts and putting everything together. Here's the problem: A train moves past a tower at a speed of 0.78c. The train has a rest length of L' = 450m. When the front of the train passes...